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    Posted to Buying a Mattress. by palmettobug
    Dec 23rd, 2014
    Since the top 5 brands of mattresses are owned by the same company and there over 500 other mattress manufacturers, why does Consumer Reports only talk about the major 5?
    Posted to Buying a Mattress. by LoveSleep624
    May 14th, 2014
    One question I think needs to be asked is: "When was this mattress manufactured and where was it stored?" I'm not interested in buying some old mattress that's been on the showroom or in a warehouse for months. My last mattress @ http://www.eBed.com where they're freshly made to order. Any USA manufacturer should be able to deliver a newly made mattress - WATCH OUT for 1-2 day delivery - another indicator of this mattress has been sitting for some time. - Good Luck ~ John