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    Posted to Concerned About Dementia. by astarr
    Dec 19th, 2014
    I know all of this already; been to any and all doctors who were of no help; so now I'm at the point that I can't take it anymore. I'm at the END. Acquaintances have opined that he should be put in some facility because he is as bad as it gets. I want to know what steps to follow, where to look, what and how to handle this (legally? financially?) now. We're out of options, and out of time -- hit a brick wall! I'm afraid for every minute that passes what will happen next!
    Posted to What to Ask about Bipolar Disorder. by swiegie
    Sep 30th, 2014
    Thank you...I'm ordering it now.

    You just might have saved a life.....
    Posted to What to Ask about Bipolar Disorder. by Maple
    Sep 27th, 2014
    I truly recommend the insightful book: "Endangered Bipolar - Learning to outlive the option of suicide", written by an author who suffered bipolar disorder himself, who came to these conclusions and manages to live a healthy and fulfilled life, with no medication, thanks to his breakthrough. It help me immeasurably.
    Hard copy version: http://www.lulu.com/shop/view-cart.ep
    Kindle version: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NECHYJQ/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_awdm_-gZhub0CBA1J0
    Posted to Talking to Your Doctor About Sundowner's Syndrome. by 1RAREPEARL
    Aug 21st, 2014
    I'm going to be a psychologist! I Have too. I'm going through many mental health disease. I'm sure the only one in my whole family from both sides who has been affected by every last one. I'm not complaining, I've been using my medical hystory to pass it forward to my family. I have also been diagnosed with diabetic nerve damage all over, diagnosed with fibromyalgia, different joints on my body are affected by different stages of arthritis, carpal tunel, Vasculitis, allergic to the majority of all tested medications in order to find the perfect regimen. Nothing is perfect but, my determination not to soley depend on a no way to pay bill, medication cost if not on an approved medication. I had been on Vyvanse 70mlg capsules. 7 years of practice with my psychiatrist, lost job I was out of insurance so I swent to the county hospital. Waited 7 hours before I was registered. I arrived at 5 am and still waited 7 hours to just register! I took my whole health history yet, the psychiatrist started me back from scratch. Injury to my psyche, I had been treated as a drug addict. For every illnesses I was tossed all over the hospital. Neither medicare and Medicaid wouldn't pay so im now indebted to my neck. One day the regitrar in the mental health floor, walked up to the desk and thought I could answer my own question. My looking for the information quickly forget where and what her position is. She accused me of taking in others personal information. I told her you remember where you work right? The police in the building won't get to you before I do! I wasn't being properly tended to by the Dr. Nor the staff. We deserve respect even if we get loud. They lack sesitivity and a course of defusing the situation while assuring the patient they are going to be fine. Not say "good morning God bless you" "sit your crazy drug addict ass as far away from me as possible! " True story.