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    What to Ask about the 2017 Honda Accord

    Honda has done it again with its 2017 lineup of sedans and coupes! From the base-level Accord LX to the more powerful and luxurious Touring trim, the Accord lineup impresses with new features, better MPG and Honda's youthful-yet-refined styling. The Honda Accord is usually one of the more popular cars in U.S. dealerships, and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon. Are you on the market for a new Honda Accord, and do you know the differences between the various trim packages? Our top three trim packages are the top-level Touring trim, the coupe's LX-S trim and the starting LX trim -- because even the basic trim packs plenty of options. Also, are you aware of the benefits of the sedan and coupe models? Ask the following questions to learn which 2017 Honda Accord is best for your needs.

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    What is the MPG of each Honda Accord trim level?

    Most of the Accord models get EPA ratings of 22 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway. However, there are slight mileage improvements for Accords outfitted with continuously variable automatic transmissions. The Honda Accord EX-L Sedan gets the best mileage of all the trim levels with ratings of 27 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the open road. The most-expensive Touring trim gets 21/34.

    What is included with the top-tier Honda Accord Touring trim?

    The Honda Accord Touring trim is the best for either the coupe or the sedan. First, this trim gets the more powerful 278-horsepower V6 engine. This trim also gets 19-inch alloy wheels, satellite navigation, Honda Sensing technology, auto LED headlights, leather seats and steering wheels, parking sensors, heated seats, rain-sensing wipers, automatic high beams and more.

    How are the Honda Accord coupes and sedans different?

    In addition to the obvious differences of two doors vs. four doors, where the Accord coupes and sedans differ most is in their starting trim packages. The sedan starts with the LX package, while the coupe gets the more sport LX-S package, which includes slightly larger 17-inch alloy wheels, a continuously variable transmission, LED tail lights and daytime running lights. The sedan also gets the Accord Sport package, which adds 19-inch alloy wheels and several features from the coupe's LX-S package. Both the coupe and the sedan get slightly different EX trim packages, too.

    What is the horsepower of this Honda Accord trim?

    Most of the Honda Accord trim levels get a 185-horsepower four-cylinder engine that provides decent acceleration and performance on city streets and the open road. However, a larger 278-horsepower V6 is available on the EX-L V-6 and Touring trim packages. Those are the upper trim levels, so be prepared to pay significantly more for that added power.

    What are the styling differences in each Accord trim package?

    You won't find many exterior styling differences between the various Honda Accords. Some trim levels may have larger wheels, moon roofs or different types of LED lights. You'll also find minor interior differences on the higher trim packages, which include flourishes such as leather seats and leather-wrapped steering wheels.

    Which features come in the entry-level Accord sedan trim?

    The most basic sedan, the Honda Accord LX, includes a 185-horsepower engine with EPA fuel ratings of 24/34 mpg. The LX trim also gets 16-inch alloy wheels, projector-beam headlights, daytime running lights, a rearview camera, Bluetooth compatibility and more.

    Which features come with the entry-level Accord LX-S coupe trim?

    The LX-S is the entry-level trim for the Honda Accord coupe. This trim package includes a 185-horsepower engine with EPA fuel ratings of 23/34 mpg. It also gets 17-inch alloy wheels, a continuously variable transmission, Eco Assist, daytime running lights, LED tail lights, automatic headlights, a rearview camera and more.

    Is this Honda Accord trim package available as a manual?

    Only the lower-end trim packages are available with manual transmissions. If you're set on driving a stick shift -- but if you want features that aren't available in the lower-level trims -- ask your dealership about whether the features you desire can be added. Normally, this can be done for a price.