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    Top Choices for Criminology Degrees

    Want to pursue a degree in criminology? Students who pursue criminology degrees can look forward to working in a wide range of roles and settings in the larger field of criminal justice. Numerous junior colleges and universities offer accredited degree programs, but we prefer Devry University, Saint Leo University and Liberty University as being among the top choices for degrees in this field. Just with these options, students can choose whether to earn their degrees online or through in-person coursework at branch campus locations. The demand for criminology experts is expected to be strong for years to come, making this a wise degree choice. Are you ready to pursue your career goals? If so, read on to learn more about these top choices for criminology degrees.

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    Why is Devry a top option for criminology?

    DeVry University is a online college where students can earn degrees in business, tech or healthcare fields. DeVry maintains more than 85 locations nationwide where students can take classes, or they can earn their degrees entirely online.

    Why would I earn a criminology degree at Liberty University?

    Liberty University is an online college that offers various types of degrees in dozens of areas of study. Students can transfer up to 90 credits into a bachelor's degree program and up to 50 percent of credits toward a master's degree.

    Why is Saint Leo University a top option?

    Saint Leo University is a Florida-based Catholic school with a sizeable campus, several education centers and several online learning programs including human resources and criminology.

    What kind of jobs can I get with a Criminology degree from DeVry?

    DeVry University offers a special bachelor’s degree for those looking to move into tech management for law enforcement. This includes positions in crime scene investigation, digital forensics and criminal procedure.

    Can a Criminology degree help get me a federal job?

    DeVry University offers a degree specialization that trains you for work in Homeland Security. You can also train in terrorism investigation. Saint Leo offers a program to train specifically for policy making at the state and federal levels. Liberty University offers a variety of managerial level degree options.

    How are Saint Leo's criminal justice programs different?

    Saint Leo offers programs that are tightly specialized and lean heavily toward government and lobbying careers. Some of the specific study areas include criminal advocacy, offender treatment and civil liberties.

    Can I make good money with a Criminology degree?

    Police department detectives make an average of $80,000 annually. Police commissioners can make up to six figures. Even lobbyists from the nonprofit sectors make well above a comfortable living wage. The private sector offers even larger paychecks.

    What type of criminology degree should I earn?

    Professional certifications will only get you so far. A bachelor's degree is required for all but the lowest level positions for city and state positions. If you want to pursue higher level jobs or work in federal government, you'll need to get a Master’s degree.