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    Top 8 Reasons You'll Love These GPS Fleet Tracking Companies, Especially if You're a Small Business Owner.

    Are you looking for the best way to protect your fleet and business? If you’re a small business owner with a fleet of vehicles or equipment, you want to keep your fleet protected—not just from theft, but for liability’s sake as well. With one of the top 5 GPS fleet tracking companies, you can monitor your fleet of vehicles or equipment. You can track their location and movement. Some even offer the option of tracking their speed. The top 5 GPS fleet tracking companies are Networkfleet with Verizon, Fleetmatics, Rhino Fleet Tracking, Nextraq, and GPS and Track. Read on to learn the top 8 reasons you'll love these GPS fleet tracking companies, especially if you're a small business owner.

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    What if I need assistance?

    One great feature of NetworkFleet by Verizon is you’ll have nationwide assistance. If you’re on the road and need to track your fleet, you can call their customer service line and they will be happy to assist you, regardless of whether or not you’re at your main software terminal.

    Will GPS fleet tracking software help me track my vehicles’ locations?

    Yes, with Fleetmatics or any other of the top 5 GPS fleet tracking companies you will be able to find out exactly where your vehicle or equipment is, allowing you to ensure that your drivers and operators are on task and on target.

    Can I track my vehicles’ speed?

    With Nextraq and some other GPS fleet tracking companies, you can monitor your fleet’s speed as well as other driver behaviors. This will allow you to make sure that your operators are driving safely and non-aggressively, which can save you money on insurance as well as preserve your company’s reputation. By making sure your drivers are courteous and safe, you are protecting your small business.

    How can these companies prevent theft?

    With Rhino Fleet Tracking, as well as the rest of the top 5 GPS fleet tracking companies, you can prevent theft by monitoring your fleet’s location. In the event that one of your vehicles is stolen, you’ll be able to pinpoint its location and direct the police toward recovering it for you, allowing you to save money by preventing needing to replace your vehicles or equipment.

    Can this software help me keep track of cargo?

    Yes, you can keep track of cargo. This software from companies like GPS and Track allows you to monitor when a vehicle picks up cargo, and from there, you can keep track of everywhere it goes. This software also allows you to keep track of deliveries. For example: if you know where a delivery truck is, you know how far away from its destination it is.

    How can this software help me plan my schedules?

    By seeing a map of your work area, you can efficiently plan a schedule to maximize productivity. In addition, if a customer calls you to see if you can squeeze them onto that day’s schedule, you can see if it’s feasible to add them in by locating a vehicle near them.

    How do I access this software?

    With any of the NetworkFleet with Verizon companies, such as Fleetmatics, you will most likely access the GPS fleet tracking software with a tablet activated with Verizon 4G LTE service. This will allow you to take your software with you wherever you go: on the road, between buildings, and even in the vehicles themselves. Remember to never use your device while operating a motor vehicle.

    What if there’s a problem?

    Every single one of the top 5 GPS fleet tracking companies wants you to have an enjoyable and productive experience with their software. That is why each one has staffed an experienced and friendly customer service department to help you use their software and troubleshooting any issues that arise.