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    Top 7 Alternative and Complementary Therapies for MS

    Are you suffering from multiple sclerosis? As you probably know, there is no cure for MS. Most MS medications work effectively to slow the progression of MS or reduce the number of relapses so that MS does not stop you from doing the things that you love or prevent you from going about your day. However, the effects of these medications are not perfect, and many experience symptoms of MS regardless. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to introduce a little alternative therapy that can be used alone or alongside your current medications. When used in combination with MS medications, these alternative and complimentary therapies can work wonders for your MS. With that said, ask these questions about the top 7 Alternative and complimentary therapies for MS.

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    What else can I do to reduce stress?

    Treating yourself to a massage regularly or semi-regularly can help both reduce stress or depression, and may work to reduce pain. It’s completely safe and feels great for most MS patients.

    Can a proper diet improve my MS?

    A proper diet can greatly affect your MS, strengthening your immune system and keeping your body properly nourished. Individuals with MS should always eat nutritious foods. Talk to your doctor to find out the right foods for you.

    Can exercise improve my MS?

    Exercise can have a positive effect on MS by lowering stress, increasing energy levels, and by helping you to relax reducing damage to your nerves. While you may not be able to handle strenuous exercise, light exercise like yoga or tai chi may be beneficial.

    What is primrose oil?

    Primrose oil is an all-natural ingredient, also known as linoleic acid, can be found in sunflower seeds and safflower oil. Some evidence has shown that taking it as a supplement can reduce the severity of MS symptoms at least slightly.

    Should I consult my doctor?

    While you should always consult your doctor for any dietary changes, including taking supplements. Most of these may not require doctor approval. However, a doctor may advise against certain activities, so if you are not sure, talk to a doctor first. Most of the top alternative therapies are safe to try, but don’t stop prescribed medications.

    Would marijuana help?

    Believed to have numerous medical benefits, many believe marijuana can relieve certain MS symptoms like muscle spasms and pain. Provided you live in a state where its recreational or medicinal use is legal, cooking with cannabis or smoking it is potentially worth trying if you suffer from MS.

    What about acupuncture?

    Acupuncture is believed by many to help relieve many of the unpleasant symptoms of MS. By placing needles on specific parts of the body, acupuncture can potentially relieve pain, muscle spasms, and bladder control issues associated with MS.

    Can bee venom be an effective therapy for MS symptoms?

    According to The Lombard, the Illinois based American Apitherapy Society, bee venom can be helpful in treating some symptoms of MS. Apitherapy is an alternative form of health care that uses bee hive products, including bee venom, to treat a multitude of illnesses. While The Lombard states that some scientific data backs up the effectiveness of bee venom in treating MS, no major scientific studies have been done, so the effectiveness of this therapy cannot be verified.