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    Top 3 Schools for Computer Science Degrees

    Want to pursue a degree in computer science? Students who pursue computer science degrees can look forward to working in a wide range of roles and settings in the burgeoning tech industry. Numerous junior colleges and universities offer accredited degree programs, but we prefer Rasmussen College, the University of Wisconsin System and Maryville University as being among the top choices for degrees in this field. Just with these options, students can choose whether to earn their degrees online or through in-person coursework at branch campus locations. The demand for computer science workers is expected to be strong for years to come, making this a wise degree choice. Are you ready to pursue your career goals? If so, read on to learn more about these top choices for computer science degrees.

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    Do computer science jobs pay well?

    Earning a computer science degree is a great way to ensure you'll be making good money later in life. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a software developer is $87,185. For a java developer it's $98,304, and for a data scientist it is $109,399. There are numerous jobs in the field of computer science, and most of them pay equally well.

    How in demand are computer science experts?

    This is a field with healthy demand, and demand is expected to grow in coming years. For example, the need for skilled computer hardware engineers is expected to rise by 3 percent between now and 2024.

    Why is Maryville University a top option?

    Maryville University, known for its computer science degree program, is located near St. Louis, Missouri. The university also has online degree options in technology and several other areas of study.

    Why the Univeristy of Wisconsin System for computer science?

    The University of Wisconsin System has 26 campuses. It is made up of 13 four-year universities and 13 freshman-sophomore Wisconsin college campuses. This academic system offers excellent computer science and IT programs.

    What are the most popular jobs for computer science degree holders?

    People who graduate with degrees in computer science can go on to work as software developers, computer systems analysts, web developers, computer programmers, computer network architects and more.

    Why Rasmussen College for computer science degrees?

    Rasmussen College is an online university that also has 22 campuses in six different states. With fields of study including business, design, education, health sciences, justice studies, nursing and technology, this is a great place to train in computer science and numerous other career paths.

    Which subjects to computer science students cover?

    Computer science degrees encompass a wide range of tech-oriented coursework. For example, Rasmussen College prepares students with technology from Apple and Microsoft while providing them with strong foundations in mobile computing, cloud computing, data analytics and more. Quality online programs like those offered by our top three options provide computer science students with the tools they need to be competitive in the workforce.

    What kind of degree do I need to work in computer science?

    A bachelor of computer science or IT is enough to get you started with a good-paying job after college. Being successful in IT and computer science often depends on retraining with new skills in the years after graduation. In fact, some IT professionals only earn associate's degrees. Earning a bachelor's degree is good for your resume and can provide you with valuable networking opportunities.