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    Top 3 Schools for Advertising Degrees

    Want to pursue a degree in advertising? Students who pursue advertising degrees can look forward to working in creative settings in both public organizations and private companies. Numerous junior colleges and universities offer accredited advertising and marketing programs, but we prefer Full Sail University, Touro University and Southern New Hampshire University as being among the top choices for degrees in this field. Just with these options, students can choose whether to earn their degrees online or through in-person coursework at branch campus locations. The demand for people trained in various forms of advertising is expected to be strong for years to come -- especially in digital marketing fields -- making this a wise degree choice. Are you ready to pursue your career goals? If so, read on to learn more about these top choices for advertising degrees.

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    Can I get real-world experience?

    Each of these top three college programs offers opportunities for students to network with real-world professionals. These connections are vital as students graduate and look to leave their marks on the world.

    Why is Southern New Hampshire University a top choice?

    Southern New Hampshire University offers an assortment of bachelor, master's and associate degree programs. In addition, this university also offers online certifications. It is one of the best places to earn a degree in social work.

    What will I study on my way to an advertising degree?

    Students take a wide range of advertising, communications and marketing courses on their way to this degree. Writing, cultural diversity, ethics and global cultures are also extremely relevant areas of study. In many cases, students will graduate with marketing degrees as they pursue careers in advertising.

    How much do entry-level advertising degree holders earn?

    If you graduate with a bachelor's degree in advertising or marketing, then the median annual salary for an entry-level advertising position is $48,228, although that fluctuates by location and position.

    Why enroll at Full Sail University for advertising?

    Full Sail University offers campus and online degrees for students who want to pursue careers in the media, arts, technology and entertainment. Whether you want an advertising degree, an IT degree or graphic design training, this might be the right place for you. Advertising is best learned in more creative settings.

    What do more experienced people in this field earn?

    People who do well in the field of advertising and marketing can earn fairly lucrative paychecks. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, advertising and promotional managers earn annual wages between $70,000 and $100,000 per year. Those who go on to work for large corporations can make significantly more.

    Do these college programs make it easy to switch degree paths?

    Full Sail University, Touro University and Southern New Hampshire University make it easy to change to a new field of study if you decide advertising and marketing isn't what you thought it would be. That's the beauty of taking college courses online. Nothing beats the flexibility and savings that lets students make these critical decisions with ease.

    Why choose Touro University Worldwide?

    Touro University Worldwide offers numerous online associate, bachelor, master's and doctoral degree programs. It is a great place to pursue a career in human resources, social work or anything in between. There are no residency requirement to enroll.