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    Top 3 Schools for a Public Relations Degree

    Want to pursue a degree in public relations? Students who pursue public relations degrees can look forward to working in various public or private settings, anything from government agencies to large tech corporations. Numerous junior colleges and universities offer accredited public relations degree programs, but we prefer Penn State, Full Sail University and Rasmussen College as being among the top choices for degrees in this field. Just with these options, students can choose whether to earn their degrees online or through in-person coursework at branch campus locations. The demand for public relations experts is always strong, especially in today's fast-paced digital world, making this a wise degree choice. Are you ready to pursue your career goals? If so, read on to learn more about these top choices for public relations degrees.

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    Why choose Full Sail University?

    Full Sail University offers campus and online degrees for students who want to pursue careers in the media, arts, technology and entertainment. Whether you want an IT degree or graphic design training, this might be the right place for you.

    Why is Penn State a top choice for public relations?

    Penn State is a major public university that's ranked among the world's top one percent. Founded in 1855, Penn State offers its World Campus that lets students pursue degrees from all over. Earn an online degree in engineer, public relations and numerous other fields.

    Why is Rasmussen College a top choice for PR degrees?

    Rasmussen College is an online university that also has 22 campuses in six different states. With fields of study including business, design, education, health sciences, justice studies, nursing and technology, this is a great place to train in computer science and numerous other career paths.

    How long does it take to get accepted into one of these top PR schools?

    Unlike getting accepted into a traditional university, you can get enrolled in these online college programs in a matter of days. Full Sail University often accepts new students within two days of applying. You won't need to wait long to confirm your high education plans.

    What kinds of students do well in public relations?

    Public relations is all about communication. People who do well in this field must be good with people, but they must also be articulate when explaining their ideas through various mediums. Public relations experts must be good listeners who are able to get different groups within companies or organizations to work together. They tend to be creative. They are interested in advertising and marketing, but many PR experts also come from journalism backgrounds.

    How long will it take to earn a PR degree?

    Public relations degrees are available at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. That means you can spend anywhere from two to six years on your desired public relations degree.

    How much do public relations degree holders earn?

    Public relations isn't the most lucrative career, but it is fun, engaging and creative. A public relations manager earns a median annual salary of $59,749, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. A marketing coordinator makes $39,948 per year, and a marketing director earns a median annual salary of $64,571.

    Do these online degree programs let me work with the latest technology?

    The best online PR degree programs provide students with access to the programs they're most likely to use once they graduate and enter the workforce. Full Sail University prides itself on providing its students with the latest software and technological tools to compete. The other two choices on our list also provide students with access to vital software and other resources.