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    Top 3 Schools for a Master's Degree in Social Work

    Want to pursue a master's degree in social work? Students who pursue a master's in social work can end up in managerial and director positions of public agencies tasked with aiding vulnerable populations. Numerous junior colleges and universities offer accredited social work master's degree programs, but we prefer the University of Denver, Walden University and Columbia University as  the top choices for master's degrees in this field. Just with these options, students can choose whether to earn their degrees online or through in-person coursework at branch campus locations. The demand for management-level social workers is expected to be strong for years to come, making this a wise and rewarding degree choice. Are you ready to pursue your career goals? If so, read on to learn more about these top choices for earning a master's degree in social work.

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    Why the University of Denver for earning a master's in social work?

    The University of Denver offers an online master of social work from one of the nation's best graduate schools for this field of study. Students of this online program have access to professors, classmates and numerous helpful resources.

    What will I study on this career path?

    People who go into social work take numerous courses pertaining to therapy, mental health, human behavior and coping with disaster or adversity. These classes cover family therapy, substance abuse, the grieving process, diagnosing abuse, the dynamics of racism, understanding oppression and more.

    Why pursue a master's in social work at Columbia University?

    Located in New York City, Columbia University has expanded its online degree programs in recent years. Columbia University's School of Social Work is the only Ivy-League online master's program for students who want to pursue this degree.

    Why is Walden University a top choice?

    Another great option for earning an online degree in social work is Walden University. This university offers a wealth of online degrees and areas of study, and it is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and other organizations.

    What kind of jobs can I get with a master's in social work?

    A master's degree in social work paves the way for people to work in supervisory or director roles at clinics, government agencies, mental health facilities and various other settings. People with this degree may go on to become therapists, school social workers and more.

    Can I transfer in credits from a previous program?

    Each university handles this differently. Check with Walden, Columbia and the University of Denver to see if your previous academic experiences might cover some of the credit needs of your master's program.

    How long does this master's degree take to complete?

    A master's degree in social work usually takes up to two years to finish. Some students may need more time, depending on how many credits they take. When planning your secondary education, remember to calculate the time required for a bachelor's degree before pursuing a master's.

    How much do people earn with this degree?

    People who graduate with a master's degree in social work and work in the healthcare sector earn average wages of $25.18 per hour or $52,380 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The rate of pay is similar for those who go on to work in hospital settings. The pay range for this career path tops out above $76,000 per year.