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    Top 3 Alternatives to Ambien

    Have you tried taking Ambien but it just doesn’t seem to work? For millions of Americans suffering from insomnia no one solution may work for everyone, yet many will feel disheartened when it doesn’t. For those prescribed Ambien whom have not had success with it, know that there are other options out there. A number of alternatives to Ambien have had much success for patients suffering from insomnia. These alternative treatments may provide more effective results and fewer side effects. The top 3 Alternatives to Ambien include Restoril, Lunesta and Sonata. These medications work to cure insomnia by helping patients get the restful sleep they need through the night. If you have insomnia and are looking for an alternative to Ambien, ask these questions.

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    When do I take the medication?

    It is advised that individuals only take Restoril or Lunesta when they have at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep-time. If you know you will not have enough time for a full 8 hours, you should skip your dose. Medications should be taken just before you get into bed as they will work quickly.

    Are the top 3 alternatives safe?

    The top 3 alternatives to Ambien are safe for most individuals. But on top of the risk of addiction, there is a possible risk of allergic reaction that has occurred in some patients. Although rare, it is possible for drugs like Sonata, Restoril or Lunesta to cause short-term memory loss.

    Will alternatives help me stay asleep?

    One problem many insomnia patients have with Ambien is that while it can help you fall asleep, it may not necessarily help you stay asleep. Both Restoril and Lunesta have been designed to help patients both fall asleep and stay asleep too, so you’ll finally have the restful sleep you’ve been looking for.

    What else can I do to help me fall asleep while taking medications?

    It may not be enough for some patients to take medications alone. There are other habits and lifestyle changes you can make to help improve your sleep. For one, patients should avoid caffeine before bed. It’s also important to have a regular sleep schedule and don’t take naps during the day. On top of this, exercising regularly and finding ways to reduce stress may help you as well.

    Will the top 3 alternatives help me fall asleep?

    One of the great things Ambien does for some patients is help them fall asleep, which can often be the most difficult part of sleep for those suffering from insomnia. However, Ambien isn’t always effective but that doesn’t mean another medication won’t be. Sonata is an excellent alternative to Ambien in that it can also help patients fall asleep. It is used for a short-term.

    What are the common side effects?

    Possible common side effects are typical with most sedatives. Sonata Restoril may cause side effects such as dizziness, short-term memory loss, and lack of coordination. Lunesta can cause side effects like dry mouth and an unpleasant taste in the mouth in addition.

    How do the top 3 alternatives work?

    The top 3 sedatives work by producing a calming effect in the brain that is required for a restful sleep. This calming effect allows patients to fall asleep quicker and for a longer period of time, which means they can make you drowsy if you wake up too early.

    Will the top 3 alternatives cause dependency?

    Unfortunately, this is a side effect with many sedatives, as is the case with the top 3 alternatives to Ambien. Like Ambien, patients can develop dependency on these sedatives, making it extremely difficult for patients to sleep without them. Additionally, these medications may cause symptoms of withdrawal. However, not every person may become addicted.