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    What to Ask about Senior Dog Food Brands

    Trying to find the best dog food for your elderly canine? Senior dog foods are made with different ingredients than regular products to keep stately pups shiny and in good health. Most senior chows are high in fiber to promote digestive health while also containing ingredients that help the body better absorb various nutrients. Also look for products that promote healthy bone density, eyesight, joint flexibility and more. We've evaluated numerous senior dog food brands and found our top three to be Holistic Select, Orijen and Fromm Gold. Want to learn more? Read on for more information that can help you evaluate your top senior dog food options.

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    Do I need to limit portion sizes with this dog food?
    Some senior dog food brands produce low-calorie kibble blends so that monitoring your canine's meals is unnecessary. Orijen's senior dog food is a good example of this kind of product.
    What are the key ingredients in Orijen's senior dog food?
    Orijen's senior dog food contains protein from free-run chicken and turkey, fish and whole eggs. This food also contains fruits and vegetables.
    Is this dog food made with fillers and other substances?
    Some people prefer senior dog food products that aren't packed with fillers, preservatives and other potentially unhealthy ingredients. Holistic Select's senior dog food product is an example of one that doesn't use many of these ingredients.
    What are the key ingredients in Fromm Gold's senior dog food?
    Fromm Gold packs various healthy fats and proteins into a low-calorie kibble. Primary ingredients are duck, eggs, chicken, lamb and cheese.
    Does this food meet my elderly dog's dietary needs?
    Older pets often have special dietary needs, and you'll want to be aware of these needs when shopping for dog food. Common dietary needs of older dogs include foods that are gluten free, grain free, low on the glycemic index or contain no corn or wheat.
    What are the largest sizes available for these senior dog foods?
    When buying dog food, sometimes you just want a huge bag so you don't run out soon. Fromm Gold's senior product comes in sizes up to 33 pounds, while Holistic Select offers a 30-lb. bag of its senior dog food. Orijen's product comes in up to a 25-lb. bag.
    What are the key ingredients in Holistic Select's senior dog food?
    Holistic Select's senior dog food features chicken, rice, oats, pork, egg and sardine.
    What are the top three products offered by these leading brands?
    We evaluated the offerings for each dog food brand and found these three products to be the best: Holistic Select Senior Health Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, Orijen Senior Grain-Free Dry Dog Food and Fromm Gold Holistic Reduced Activity & Senior Dry Dog Food.