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    Cheap and Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories

    Finding cell phone accessories wholesale can be more difficult than consumers might first assume. There are so many choices when it comes to cheap cell phone accessories that it can be very difficult for buyers to decide what will best fit their needs. The biggest choice for consumers to make is whether they want cell phone accessories that are Original Equipment Manufacturer (also known as OEM) or generic or “aftermarket” items that are less reliable but less expensive. Popular wholesale cell phone accessories include LG cell phone accessories, cell phone cases for Samsung phones, and portable cell phone chargers for users on the go. The top three places to find cheap cell phone accessories include Overstock, eBay, and Amazon. Ask these questions when searching for cheap cell phone accessories.

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    Will these cheap cell phone accessories work with my cell phone?
    OEM cell phone accessories are made by manufacturers of cell phones for specific models, so they are ensured to work. Generic (aftermarket) cell phone accessories may not work well with specific phones or may break down quickly.
    Are these cheap cell phone accessories OEM or generic?
    When searching for cheap cell phone accessories, it’s important for shoppers to keep in mind that just going with the lowest price can mean that quality is sacrificed. Those who buy Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cell phone accessories will pay more, but the accessories are made by the manufacturer of the cell phone. Generic or aftermarket items are much cheaper but are likely to be lower in quality.
    Does this cell phone accessory come with a warranty?
    OEM cell phone accessories most often come with warranties and can usually be returned with no hassle. Generic wholesale cell phone accessories might be difficult to return or get replaced, and there most likely won’t be a warranty.
    Are there shipping and handling charges for online ordering?
    An OEM cheap cell phone accessory might seem to be well-priced, until the shipping and handling charges are factored in. Shoppers need to make sure that the price that they want to pay includes shipping before making a purchase.
    Do the shipping charges include insurance coverage for the item?

    If the item is on the pricier side, itâ??s important for shoppers to make sure that the seller provides insurance on the items before mailing it.

    What is the easiest way to find OEM cell phone accessories?
    Shoppers may decide when they begin the search for cheap cell phone accessories to only try and find those produced by specific manufacturers. These consumers needs to search online by using “OEM” along with the particular brand of cell phone accessories they are looking for.
    Can I order in bulk through this wholesale provider?

    If you're shopping for wholesale cell phone accessories on behalf of your business or organization, then you may need to order in bulk quantities. Ask about bulk ordering options and whether discounts are offered for larger purchases.

    Does the seller of cell phone accessories wholesale have positive reviews?
    It is essential for shoppers to research the sellers of cheap cell phone accessories before finalizing a sale. Since many buyers can find cheap cell phone accessories on Ebay and Amazon, shoppers can easily find out feedback about sellers. Shoppers should avoid buying wholesale cell phone accessories from sellers who have a satisfaction rate less than 98% positive.
    How do I return these cell phone accessories if I’m not satisfied?
    Sellers of cheap cell phone accessories should make it very easy for customers to return items if they are not satisfied. Sellers should outline their return policies clearly on their seller pages. Shoppers with questions about returns can also email sellers directly.