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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Features

    Ready to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S9? Samsung's latest smartphone is loaded with cutting-edge technology, with major improvements in its already high-end cameras. The new S9 is also engineered with incredible specs for snappy performance and plentiful digital storage. If you own a current-gen smartphone and are looking to upgrade, then the features you'll find in the new S9 will more than justify the move. Here, we will review some of the most important specs and features consumers should know about when shopping for the new phone. We'll also reveal how you can save when buying this new phone. Read on to learn about the impressive features of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

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    How can shoppers save money on the Samsung Galaxy S9?
    The Samsung S9 has amazing deals happening right now. The best BOGO offers currently available are from T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint. Verizon is offering a free Samsung Galaxy S9 with a $150 prepaid credit card with the purchase of one S9 at regular price. T-Mobile customers who sign two-year contracts can get a free phone that's credited two 24 months of payments. Meanwhile Sprint prices their S9 lease at just $33 per month.
    What is the biggest change with the Galaxy S9's camera?
    The new S9 features a variable aperture that is more effective for capturing low-light photos, which has long been a problem for smartphone photographers. This dual-size aperture also evens out light levels when snapping photos in brightly lit rooms or when outside on sunny days.
    How is the Galaxy S9 better at capturing slow-motion video?
    New for the Samsung Galaxy S9 is video capturing at an incredible 960 frames per second, compared to the S8's relatively pedestrian 240 fps. With so many frames, S9 users will be able to slow down 0.2 seconds of action to a lengthy six seconds. That's at 720p resolution. In 1080p, the phone still films at 240fps.
    What other new features are in the S9?
    Other new features found in the Samsung Galaxy S9 are a repositioned fingerprint sensor, an automated emoji creator based on people's selfies, a slimmer body bezel, and VR makeup for the Bixby assistant.
    What are the S9's audio features?
    The S9 offers great audio features for people who want great sound from their music, games and videos. The phone's dual speakers are 40 percent louder, and the included Dolby ATMOS provides outstanding clarity and directional audio. The Galaxy S9 also keeps its 3.5mm headphone jack.
    How much memory and storage does the Galaxy S9 have?
    The new Galaxy S9 features expandable microSD slots that can increase the phone's storage to 400GB. Otherwise, the S9 ships with 64 GB of space, which is unchanged from the S8. The S9 also gets 4GB of RAM.
    Is the Infinity Display different on the S9?

    The Infinity Display on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 appears unchanged on its surface. The screen's resolution and size are also unchanged. However, this year's screen is 15 percent brighter.

    How is the New Samsung Galaxy S9 similar to the S8?

    It's hard to see the differences between the Galaxy S9 and S8 when holding one in each hand. They share the same body with the same edge-to-edge style of screen, and button locations have not changed. They also both use the Bixby personal assistant and have the same battery sizes. Inside, though, the phone has undergone several notable upgrades.

    How fast is the S9's processor?
    Want speed? The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be among the year's fastest. It features a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SDM85 processor that can handle numerous apps with ease. Samsung's previous Galaxy models have also used Snapdragon processors, and they maintain great performance with all the latest apps and operating system upgrades.