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    Ask This When Finding Restaurant Coupons

    Dining at your favorite restaurants is a lot more affordable if you have the right coupons. Whether you're looking for fast food coupons or discounts on fine dining, there are several established Websites where people can download digital coupons for all kinds of eateries. Large coupon sites allow users to search by restaurant or by category while marking coupons to be printed or displayed on smartphones; you can also go to restaurants' Websites for in-house promotions and printable offers. Another great way to find online restaurant deals is by visiting them on Facebook; many restaurants now have fan clubs, and free coupons and discounts are given to people who "like" or "share" social media campaigns. In fact, if you sign up for Longhorn Steakhouse email list you will get a coupon for a free appetizer with any entree purchase. Outback has a coupon for a Free Bloomin' Onion with purchase. Ask yourself the following questions when searching for restaurant coupons, and enjoy saving a few dollars the next time you're out on the town.

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    Which Websites offer free restaurant coupons?
    Several large Web sites offer free downloadable coupons for people who become members. Some of these sites include CouponSuzy.com, CouponBug.com and Coupons.com. Most of these sites specialize in grocery coupons, but restaurant coupons are often offered as promotions. You can also subscribe to the newsletters of these sites and have coupons emailed to you on a regular basis.
    What kinds of in-house promotions are being offered by restaurants?
    Another alternative to finding coupons is simply checking out the various promotions being offered by different restaurants. For example, your favorite burger joint may have a burger of the month that goes on sale, or your top fine-dining establishment may offer a special three-course dinner menu for a reduced rate.
    What are the best sources for coupons for fine dining restaurants?
    If you're after a finer dining experience, you'll find there are many smaller restaurants and bistros that offer great deals through group coupon Websites such as LivingSocial.com and Groupon.com. Although restaurants often lose money on these promotions, they offer these discounts in hopes of winning some loyal customers. Taking advantage of these group restaurant coupons is a great way to save money while trying out new fine-dining establishments.
    Can I really get a restaurant coupon by liking something on Facebook?
    Most big restaurants are on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets; they use social media to advertise their menus, promote sales and reach out to new customers. A big part of their social media efforts is to offer special digital coupons on Facebook to anyone who "likes" their posts or shares them with their friends. These offers are almost always legit. However, be aware that if you like a restaurant's offer, then their other offers may start appearing in your news feed.
    Are newspapers still good sources of restaurant coupons?
    Newspapers don't have the readership they once had, but the Sunday newspaper is still one of the best sources of coupons anywhere, including the Internet. The great thing about restaurant coupons found in the local newspaper is you know they'll be relevant to where you live. On large coupon sites, sometimes you need to sort through coupons for restaurants that don't exist anywhere near your home.
    Are there any online restaurant coupons to stay away from?
    Don't ever purchased restaurant coupons from online classified ads or auction Websites. Any downloadable coupons should be available for free; same goes for restaurant coupon codes. If you're going to spend money to find coupons, then purchase a Sunday newspaper or a book of local offers. Don't ever spend money on digital coupons.