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    Ask This When Creating Mobile Apps

    Creating mobile apps is a fun and often lucrative way for users to take advantage of this rapidly growing market. However, it is important for hopeful mobile app builders to enter into the process with a plan. Creating a mobile app requires planning, research, design, testing, revision, and continued marketing. The top 3 mobile app builders can help creators of all levels to successfully produce fun and helpful mobile apps for each available interface. Ask these questions before starting on the process required to create mobile apps.

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    How do I get ideas for creating a mobile app?

    The best ideas for mobile apps come from the regular use of apps on range of mobile devices. The best way to get comfortable with the ins and outs of mobile apps is to download them and use them on a regular basis. Often, developers can get ideas for new apps by finding design flaws in those that already exist and improving on those designs.

    How do I develop my idea for a mobile app?

    Through researching existing mobile apps that you enjoy, you will probably come up with several ideas on creating your own mobile apps. Use this opportunity to sketch out design ideas before moving on to find the top 3 mobile app builders online for development of your mobile app.

    What are the top 3 mobile apps builders online?

    App builders have different areas of focus. Good Barber does not require the mobile app creators know code of any kind, and the step-by-step process is simple to follow. The mobile app builder appery.io allows creators to build apps for more than one operating system in their cloud interface. ShoutEm, however, focuses on mobile app marketing and monetization.

    What kind of mobile apps should I build?

    The best way to create mobile apps is to stick with those that interest you personally. Once you download and explore a variety of apps on different devices, you will find that there are certain apps that interest you. Those that keep your attention are probably the kinds of mobile apps that you will enjoy building.

    For which devices should I create this mobile app?

    There is no way to develop an app that can be used on every interface. Therefore, it's important to decide whether you want to create your mobile app for Apple, Blackberry, Windows, or Android. Starting with the the operating system that you are most comfortable with may be the best approach as you get comfortable with the process.

    Do I need to know Java or HTML to create a mobile app?

    If you already know code languages like CSS, Java, or HTML, then you can use them to create mobile apps. However, you don't have to know them in order to build a mobile app. There are mobile app builders online that help app builders to create and market mobile apps for all operating systems. 

    Do I need to have a marketing plan for my mobile app?

    A mobile app won't do anybody any good if it can't be found. Mobile app creators need to have a plan in place for marketing the mobile app once it has been tested and uploaded into digital stores for consumers to purchase.

    Where can I find reviews of mobile apps?

    After finding which type of mobile app interests you most, it's time to start researching how people are using that kind of mobile app. Websites, message boards, and forums focused on the kind of app you want to build will have information on any shortcomings or glitches that have been found. Take notes on any improvements that can be made on existing apps.