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    Ask This When Making Car Donations

    Planning car donations to favorite charities helps individuals to tangibly give to organizations that help local communities as well as impoverished people around the world. It is estimated that in the year 2000, three quarters of a million people donated cars to charity, and this number has consistently grown over the last two decades. Those who want to donate used automobiles to charity need to carefully research which organizations accept this form of donation. Those who make car donations also need to take into account how well their chosen charities make the most of the donations that they are given. Charitable donations can be helpful for providing humanitarian aid, assisting in relief efforts, and encourage medical research, and making car donations benefits those giving as much as those receiving this gift. The top three charitable organizations include St. Jude, UNICEF, and World Vision. Ask the following questions when preparing to donate to a charity.

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    Does this charity accept car donations?
    Some non-profit organizations accept car donations, while others do not. It is essential for individuals making car donations to ask their chosen charities whether or not they accept automobiles.
    Does this charitable organization have 501(c) (3) status?

    Just because an organization claims to be a charity doesnâ??t mean that it has federal tax exempt status. Individuals who want to make car donations to charity need to check with the Internal Revenue Service and their database of exempt organizations. Only car donations made to an organization with 501(c) (3) status can be tax deductible.

    What happens to the car after I donate it?
    Reputable charities will keep around 50% of the car’s value to cover their administrative cost and any labor required to rehabilitate used cars for sale. Charities that have car donation programs often do the work on automobiles in-house, so they can sell the cars and keep 100% of the profit generated.
    How much is this car donation worth?
    Individuals who make car donations receive receipts from charities once cars are sold. These receipts are for tax purposes and report the exact amount that the car sold for. This is the amount that can be deducted from taxes.
    How do I transfer the ownership of the car to this charity?
    There will be paperwork to fill out so that the cars can be correctly transferred from the current owner to the charity. Make sure that the assignment of ownership is placed with the charity on all paperwork, otherwise you will be held responsible for any future parking tickets or other problems associated with the vehicle.
    What paperwork do I need to file for car donations?
    The charity will have paperwork to fill out, which individuals should keep as documentation to avoid tax audits. Claiming the donation on taxes is also necessary in order to get the amount deducted from taxes.
    What are the goals of this charitable organization?

    Charities accept car donations so that they can fix up the vehicles and sell them, using the funds to reach their goals. Organizations - including charities - need goals to measure success and make necessary adjustments. Charitable organizations should have short-term and long-term goals so that everyone knows what the donations are for.

    What rating has this charity received?

    Organizations like Charity Navigator evaluate and rate charitable organizations as an objective and independent source. These third-party organizations review the financial health and the accountability and transparency of charitable organizations, helping individuals decide whether or not to donate their automobiles.