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    Ask This When Comparing Top Cell Phone Companies

    Comparing the best cell phone companies is an essential step in the process of buying a cell phone and committing to a long-term or short-term contract. Cell phone companies differ in coverage areas, contract requirements, cell phone inventories, possible discounts, and user benefits, among other aspects. The quality of the cell phone companies that consumers choose can great affect their cell phone experiences, whether international, unlimited data plans, or prepaid calling plans. Consumers can benefit from creating charts that compare what cell phone plans offer in order to find the best plans to fit their needs. While there are numerous small cell phone companies operating throughout the United States, the top three nationwide cell phone companies are T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. Here are valuable questions to ask when creating a cell phone plans comparison chart.

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    What are the current offers on cell phones?
    There are many offers if you know where to look. For example, you can currently get the iPhone 7 for only $29/Mo with AT&T. Or Verizon Wireless is currently offering customers up to $650 off the all new Samsung Galaxy S8 if you switch to Verizon's and get their new unlimited plan. If you are a Motorola fan, Verizon currently offers the Motorola Moto Z for an amazingly low price of only $17/Mo.
    Do the best cell phone companies offer the most affordable plans?
    It is essential for consumers to figure out and compare monthly payments from each cell phone company that might interest them. Shoppers need to remember to compare companies that have similar plans in order to get accurate information regarding monthly payments.
    Can customers get a price break with wireless phone and internet bundles?
    Wireless internet is become more popular simply because it is so mobile. Customers on the go can set up wireless internet routers that serve as WiFi hotspots for phones, computers, and other electronics. Customers who want both of these services could get them bundled for lower rates from the best cell phone companies.
    Are there promotional rates offered for new customers?
    The best ell phone companies are eager to sign up new customers, and many offer attractive promotional rates to gain new business. When researching cell phone companies, customers should inquire about any promotional rates and whether they can renegotiate their contracts once the promotion expires.
    Are Friends and Family plans available from the top cell phone companies?
    These plans offered by some of the best cell phone companies allow groups of people to share an allotment of minutes and data as well as the monthly bill. When users are careful to stay within the plan limitations, they can be very affordable.
    How often dobthe best cell phone companies allow upgrades?
    Many top cell phone companies build in cell phone upgrades as part of long-term contracts. Some companies offer new phones at significant discounts, while other cell phone companies provide upgrades for free. Customers can often get slightly older models for free or at discount as newer models are made available.
    What does this cell phone company mean by "unlimited" data plans?
    While some cell phone companies claim that their data plans are "unlimited," they can actually inhibit effective internet usage for customers who stream a lot of music or videos. Cell phone companies with tiered or "full speed amounts" data plans should be avoided.
    How is this cell phone company's coverage in my area?
    The kind of cell phone coverage that users can get depends on each cell phone company. In urban areas, chances are very good that coverage will be decent regardless of the cell phone company chosen. However, the best cell phone companies offer better coverage in different parts of the country as well as suburban and rural areas. 
    How long is the contract required by this cell phone company?
    While cell phone companies are moving away from requiring customers to sign up for long-term contracts, some still prefer customers to commit to a two-year contract. These long-term contracts come with benefits that all customers may not want, so cell phone companies have also adopted pay-as-you-go and prepaid plans.