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    Ask This When Choosing a Soccer Camp for the Summer

    Summer soccer camps give young athletes the chance to improve their skills while having fun. With soccer growing in popularity, a greater number of soccer camps can be found in communities throughout the United States. However, not all soccer camps are the same. Some camps are more competitive, and they're intended for young athletes who intend to play varsity in high school or even advance into college athletics. Other camps are better suited for casual soccer players who just want to stay active during the summer. Whatever your child's skill level may be, there's a soccer camp out there that's a perfect match. Ask the following questions to find the best soccer camp for your young athlete.

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    What is the skill level of this soccer camp?
    While many soccer camps take a casual approach to competition and fitness, other soccer camps are certainly intended for more talented or experienced players. Placing your child in the wrong type of camp could lead to a week of hardship rather than a week of fun and improvement.
    Is this a co-ed soccer camp?
    More so than other sports, soccer tends to be co-ed at younger ages. Many camps for children and teens are co-ed as well. Ask about this in the event you'd prefer your child goes to a camp for only boys or girls.
    What kinds of backgrounds do instructors at this soccer camp have?
    Who are the instructors at this soccer camp, and what kinds of qualifications are needed to be on staff? Are background checks necessary? What kind of coaching or teaching experiences do instructors have? All of these are valid questions when evaluating those who will be supervising your child.
    Is this a sleepaway camp or a day camp?
    Some summer soccer camps are held during daytime hours, and parents drop off and pick up their kids each day. Other camps are "sleepaway" camps, where students remain on the premises during the duration of the camp. Many sleepaway camps are held at college campuses, and students spend the week sleeping in the dorms. Ask about whether summer soccer camps are daytime or sleepaway, and, with sleepaway camps, ask about who's in charge of supervision after hours.
    What kind of medical staff is on hand?
    Summer camps are required to have a medical staff on hand. Ask for detailed information about on-site medical personnel, and also find out where participants are taken to be treated for more serious injuries and health problems.
    How much time do campers spend playing soccer games?
    Most kids and teens who attend soccer camp are interested in playing as many games as possible. However, most skill improvements come during drills and practices. More laid-back camps usually focus on soccer games, while more skill-intensive camps tend to focus more on drills with fewer games. Asking about how much time is spent playing soccer games can give you a better idea of what to expect from the camp as a whole.
    Do participants get one-on-one coaching?
    This is an important question for parents who are concerned about their children getting specialized instruction needed to take their skills to the next level. On the other hand, one-on-one instruction isn't as important for young athletes who just want to have fun.
    What does this soccer camp handle disciplinary issues?
    Unfortunately, rough behavior and bullying often result in disciplinary issues when youth sports are involved. Find out how each summer soccer camp handles conflict resolution and disciplinary actions between participants. This could end up having a direct result on your child.