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    Best Deals for Buying Eyeglasses Online

    Order your next set of eyeglasses online and save big! Online retailers offer simple and designer frames for a fraction of what you'll pay at most traditional vision centers. Also, online eyeglass retailers usually offer free shipping, free returns and incredible package deals. Here, we will review the best deals on eyeglasses from some of the industry's leading retailers. Upgrade your frames, choose from durable lightweight materials, or get ready for summertime with a pair of prescription sunglasses. Ready to take advantage of these amazing online deals? Don't overpay for glasses at the doctor's office. Instead, order eyeglasses online and see how much you can save.

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    What is the best deal from GlassesUSA?

    GlassesUSA is offering a great deal for customers who want to save on their orders! For a limited time, this retailer is offering many of its frames for half off from normal pricing! GlassesUSA also has a sizeable clearance inventory with some eyeglasses priced at $100 off.

    What kind of warranty protection do online shoppers get?

    Buying your eyeglasses online is a great way to save money -- but is your investment protected? Turns out, many online eyeglass retailers offer exceptional warranties to their customers. GlassesUSA, for example, extends a full year of warranty coverage with free returns for buyers. Always ask about warranty coverage before making an online purchase.

    Can I order name-brand eyeglasses online?

    Online retailers sell the same high-quality frames you can get anywhere else. Get Ray ban, Oakley, Prada, Costa, Persol and other top-rated brands!

    What is the best deal from Eyebuy Direct?

    For another incredible deal on eyeglasses, check out Eyebuy Direct. For a limited time, you can order a pair of eyeglasses online and get a second pair for free! The only condition is your frames must cost at least $15. Don't miss out on the chance for a free extra pair of eyeglasses.

    What is the best deal from FramesDirect?

    Online shoppers can also save big at FramesDirect! For a limited time, people who order eyeglasses online from this retailer can get 40 percent off on eyewear and 50 percent off on RX lenses, making this possibly the best deal of the bunch.

    Do I need a valid prescription?

    In some states, you will need a valid prescription for ordering eyeglasses online. In other states, you can sometimes order with an older prescription. These eyeglass retailers will know the laws for your state.

    What if the glasses I order online don't fit?

    Ordering online is fast, simple and easy -- but what if your glasses don't fit? Most online retailers offer free returns for this very reason. Familiarize yourself with shipping and return policies before placing your order. You can also chat with customer service specialists to make sure your glasses fit correctly the first time.

    Do all online retailers offer huge sales?

    Online retailers offer different sales events throughout the year, just as traditional retailers do. However, some online eyeglasses retailers sell higher-end products at prices that are more similar to traditional vision centers. The retailers we've discussed here are more likely to offer glasses at discount prices on a regular basis.