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    Ask This About Top 3 Deals for Alaskan Cruise Lines

    The summer is here and the best way to beat the heat this year is an Alaskan cruise. With a cruise trip to Alaska, you’ll experience the pacific northwest in the most adventurous and luxurious way possible -- you might even see the aurora, also known as the Northern Lights. This time of year, while everyone is planning their trips to the Caribbean at top dollar, you can find a number of excellent deals on Alaskan cruises, offering the best experience at the best prices. The top deals on Alaskan cruises come from Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruises with departures from Seattle or Vancouver. These cruise lines boast ships that offer not only the finest amenities, but significant price drops and incentives that make Alaska an even more appealing destination. If you are interested in an Alaskan cruise this year or next, ask these questions about the top three deals for Alaskan cruise lines this summer.

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    What deal is Princess Cruises offering on Alaskan cruises?
    The Princess Star cruise ship is currently offering an excellent deal on cruises to and from Vancouver. Whie a trip from Vancouver will cost a little over a $1,000, but an even better deal is the cruise ship to Vancouver that will cost half that. On top of that, Princess Star is offering up to $750 of onboard credit.
    How long are Alaskan cruises?
    Alaskan cruise lines, such as those that offer the top 3 deals of the summer, typically offer week long cruises. That is to say travellers will be at seas for 7 days and 7 nights.
    So what months are the best time for an Alaskan cruise deal?
    The summer months on June, July and August are the best months to get a great deal. Travellers can get more than 50% off and enjoy an Alaskan cruise when they'll appreciate it most. It's the best time to beat the heat.
    What deal is Norwegian Cruises offering?
    The Norwegian Cruise Line is offering an exceptional deal on a cruise that departs from Seattle this July. Cruises with Norwegian can cost less than $1,000 and this summer they are offering $900 cash back, along with a dining package, reduced deposit and up to $25 of onboard credit.
    How much can I save taking an Alaskan cruise in the summer?
    Right now the top Alaskan cruises offering the best deals are marking around 50% off or higher. If you are interested in an Alaskan cruise, now is the time. You'll be unlikely to find a better deal anywhere else.
    Can I see the Northern Lights throughout the year?
    The aurora is easiest to see during the dark of winter, but sightings happen all year round. The best time to see the northern lights during the summertime is around dusk, when it's not fully light out. And if you're on a cruise, then you're in luck. Some of the best summertime spots for viewing the aurora are near Juneau -- a popular cruise port -- where the daylight isn't as bright.
    Where do these cruises depart from?
    Alaskan cruises depart from a few different locations depending on which direction you are coming from. You'll have the option of traveling to Alaska from Seattle or Vancouver, or you can travel away from Alaska to Vancouver or Seattle. The choice is yours and available space may play a huge part in your decision.
    What's the deal with Celebrity Cruises?

    Celebrity Cruises is offering a variety of deals to fit nearly any budget this summer with prices less than $650 per person. Travelers who want an oceanview on the Celebrity Millennium ship can get a cabin for less than $800, which is a 60% savings.

    What kinds of places do Alaskan cruise lines visit?
    Alaskan cruise lines visit a variety of places in Alaska including Juneau, Glacier Bay, Whittier, Skagway and Yakutat Bay.Any of these places prove to be a prime destination for a summer vacation, and you can visit them all in a single timeframe.