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    Ask This About the 2017 Mercedes GLS

    The 2017 Mercedes GLS-Class might sound like a new model, but you can be sure it’s just a new label. Changing its name from the GL to the GLS, Mercedes is taking their terrific GL-Class lineup and applying it to the new GLS. For the most part, the GLS-Class makes relatively few to no changes to the former GL-Class, managing to retain most of what GL drivers came to love about their SUV. Offering the same great performance and features, the GLS-Class is one of the most enjoyable luxury SUVs on the market. And with a luscious and comfortable interior, everyone in the family will love it too. If you are interested in trying out one of the many excellent 2017 Mercedes GLS trims, ask these questions to find out more.

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    What unique driver assistance features are offered?

    The Mercedes GLS offers many of the same driver assistance features as most luxury SUVs, but it also offers some more unique options. Some of the more unique features of the GLS include driver drowsiness monitoring which helps sleepy drivers stay alert at the wheel by monitoring unusual driving habits. There are also crosswind assist and Pre-safe systems to improve driver safety.The Pre-safe system works by tightening safety belts in the event of a crash.

    What is the seating arrangement like?

    The GLS interior can seat up to 7 passengers. Leatherette upholstery is standard but can be upgraded to genuine leather. Front seats are also power-adjustable and heated. Front and back seating is well-suited for children and adults alike, which is not always the case with other SUVs. Passengers and drivers will find the GLS affords plenty of headroom and legroom. Two car seats can be installed using the LATCH safety system.

    What are the engine options?

    The 2017 Mercdes GLS offers a variety of engine options. The GLS350d features a 3.0-liter V6 engine that generates 250 horsepower, while the GLS450 features a twin-turbo V6 that generates 362 horsepower. There are also two different V8 options that provide superior horsepower and torque. The most powerful engine is the 5.5-liter V8 that delivers a whopping 577 horsepower.

    What kind of transmission is featured?

    Despite all the similarities to the GL, the Mercedes GLS does offer a few changes, especially in terms of the transmission. The GLS offers a new seven-speed automatic transmission for its lower-level trims and a new nine-speed transmission for higher-level trims. Regardless of which you get, each trim features the Dynamic Select system that allows drivers to choose from four different transmission modes including a mode for wet or slippery modes.

    What other features are offered?

    The Mercedes GLS offers a bunch of features features, new and old, to whet your appetite. The new touch pad infotainment system features a larger display from the previous year and now offers Apple Carplay which can be purchased as an additional feature. Further, a 14-speaker audio system, HD radio and a sunroof can be added.

    How much cargo space is offered?

    The 2017 Mercedes GLS-Class allows for a ton of cargo space. With the rear seats folded down (both rows), the GLS can afford up to 94cubic feet of space, which is plenty of room for all your household supplies for a month or all your baggage for that two-week vacation to Florida.

    Is it reliable?

    The GLS is exceedingly reliable. The vehicle has received a reliability score of four out of five which is already superior to most luxury SUVs, but on top of that, the vehicle is backed by a four-year limited mile warranty.

    Which engine option is the most balanced?

    In terms of performance and efficiency, the 362 horsepower V6 is easily the most balanced choice. In regard to fuel economy, the vehicle gets 19 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway which is typical for a vehicle of its class. Drivers will find they have sufficient engine power without making endless trips to the pump in order to fill up. Because no matter how much you have to splurge, nobody has the money for that.