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    Ask This About Nursing Programs

    Nursing programs are the best way to begin your career path to professional nursing. With a degree in nursing, a high demand job, you’ll be able to pick and choose which hospitals, offices and clinics around the country you want to work. By enrolling in a nursing program, you’ll have any opportunity to help care for others, giving them the medical attention they need in a fast-pace work environment. And potentially high salary job, nursing will prove to be a lucrative career for many people. The top nursing programs in the country are at New York University, John Hopkins University and Azusa Pacific University. The nursing programs at these universities are among the best in the country, but there are plenty of other great schools to choose from. If you are interested in enrolling in a nursing program, ask these questions.

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    How much will this nursing program cost me?
    While it might seem like a no brainer you'll want to know the cost of a program before you pick one out. And there may even be a drastic difference in costs when it comes to choosing a college to attend, especially when choosing a local college over a prestigious university. 
    What type of degree am I looking for in a nursing program?
    When it comes to getting a degree, there are a few different options. Individuals who want to work as a registered nurse usually only need a 2-year or Associate's degree. However, with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in nursing science, individuals can usually obtain higher paying jobs afterwards.
    Do I need an accelerated program?
    Some universities and colleges, such as John Hopkins University offer accelerated programs, that while challenging, can get you on the fast track in earning a Bachelor's degree in nursing. But this is usally reserved for RNs, or registered nurses.
    How easy will it be to get accepted into a program?
    How difficult it is to get into a nursing program will depend a several factors, including not only academic performance but availability. You may be placed on a waitlist that will affect when you can get in. A higher academic performance will make you more likely chosen for the program, or it may be based on a lottery-based system.
    Where will the cliincal studies take place?
    Where clinical studies may take place may factor in your decision as to which program you choose to attend. As a nursing student, you will need to have clinical experience in a real hospital setting, which may require driving a fair distance away from home.
    What is the size of the school?
    The larger the school the more challenging the experience will be. While a large school might be more intellectually stimulating, you may prefer a smaller program that will be accompanied with more hands-on learning and close help from instructors.
    What is the NCLEX examination pass rate?
    The NCLEX exam pass rate should be a major factor in choosing a nursing program. A high pass rate greater ensures your success at the program provided you put in the effort. This examination allows you to become a licensed nurse.
    Should I attend a community college or a university?
    The answer to this question will depend on a variety of factors. People who want to go to college closer to home, will usually pick a community college, while those that don't mind driving or moving away will go with a university. However, community colleges are usually cheaper than going to a university, but the advantage of going to a university remains that you can get a higher level of education.