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    Ask This About DWI Lawyers

    Getting arrested for DWI can be terrifying and life-changing. It is important that you find a DWI lawyer as soon as possible to help you beat the criminal record and loss of lifestyle that come a DWI conviction. Not only can you lose your driving privileges, you can be barred from certain types of employment once you’ve been convicted of drug or alcohol related offenses. Finding a good DWI lawyer can be tricky, but you can find them online easily at legal websites such as AVVO, FindLaw.com and LegalMatch.com. If you are facing a court date after a DWI bust, you should hire a lawyer right away. Ask these questions about hiring a DWI lawyer to find the one that’s right for you.

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    Should I hire a lawyer if I don't plan to fight the charge?
    Yes, you should still hire a lawyer. They can help reduce your sentence as well as make things easier for you when you get out of jail if you serve any time.
    What will my lawyer need to successfully defend me?
    Even if you're guilty, a good lawyer can defend you by gathering relevant documentation to prove that you aren't the type of person to commit such an offense. It is up to the prosecutor to prove you did it beyond a reasonable doubt. 
    How much will I have to pay?
    That will depend on the lawyer and how much other clients are willing to pay. You may be willing to negotiate a certain rate or only have to pay if you win. Make sure to read the entire contract before you sign it.
    How many clients have they represented?
    It is important to know that your lawyer has the experience required to actually help you, so you should know a rough estimate of how many clients they've helped and what their success rate is before hiring them to represent you.
    Where did this lawyer go to school?
    You should know where your lawyer went to school and what he majored in before he applied for law school. Some lawyers only defend DWI cases for extra income. You want a lawyer that dedicated to helping you beat the rap.
    Do I want charges dropped or am I willing to settle?
    For first-time offenders, sometimes judges allow something called deferred prosecution. Talk with your lawyer to see if you're eligible for this form of probation that will allow you to have the charges completely dropped.
    Where can I find a DWI lawyer?
    You can find a list of DWI lawyers at legal websites, at drug and alcohol rehab centers, and even at the courthouse. They should have a list of possible attorneys if one is not appointed to you.
    Was I caught for DWI before an accident or property damage occured?
    If you were picked up for DWI before you caused an accident or any other property damage, your lawyer will have an easier time defending you. Property damage and third parties will complicate the matter.