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    8 Ways AARP Members can get Cheaper Dental Care

    Did you know AARP members can get exclusive discounts on dental care? The AARP Dental Insurance Plan, administered by Delta Dental Insurance Company, offers affordable dental insurance options that cover preventative care, denture cleanings, crowns, oral surgeries and so much more. AARP members are guaranteed to be accepted, and plan participants have the freedom to choose their dentists from large provider networks. Also, there are no waiting periods for preventative care, meaning you can get the help you need right away. Ready to cut the costs of your dental care? Read on to learn eight ways AARP members can get cheaper dental care by taking advantage of this outstanding plan.

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    Preventative and diagnostic care is covered up to 100 percent.

    Preventative and diagnostic dental visits are important for people of all ages, but they're especially important for seniors. Members of Plan A get 100 percent coverage for these visits, while Plan B members get 80 percent coverage. In addition, Plan A holders only need to pay 20 percent of the costs of gum cleanings.

    AARP's Delta dental plan B offers a lower-cost monthly premium.

    Do high premiums keep you barred from having dental insurance? If so, then check out the AARP Delta Dental Insurance Plan B, which features a lower monthly premium while retaining coverage for nearly all the categories addressed by Plan A.

    In-network dental clinics offer cost savings.

    AARP dental plan members can choose from large networks of dental providers when seeking care. Choose an in-network provider, and you'll enjoy significant savings as opposed to using your plan with an out-of-network provider.

    AARP limits out-of-pocket costs.

    Dental bills can still be large, even if you're backed by insurance. However, AARP dental plan members who don't exceed their coverage limits will only pay deductibles of either $50 or $100. Beyond that, most procedures are covered by at least 50 percent, and preventative care and diagnostic checks are fully covered under Plan A.

    AARP's plans cover at least half the costs of denture maintenance.

    Do you have dentures? If so, both AARP dental plans offer 80 percent coverage on basic restorations and up to 80 percent coverage on repairs.

    Oral surgery and many dental procedures are 50 percent covered.

    Most dental procedures are covered by at least 50 percent, with some exceptions. Keep in mind though that AARP minimizes out-of-pocket costs to its dental plan members when compared with competing dental insurance plans. The result is an overall cost savings if you need something more than preventative maintenance.

    The AARP plans offer up to $1,500 of annual coverage.

    The AARP dental insurance plans offer maximum benefits up to $1,500 per year. That's a lot of cash-savings flexibility for people who take advantage of the other parts of their plans such as the steeply discounted preventative care and diagnostic visits.

    AARP's Delta dental plan A offers 100 percent coverage for dental accidents.

    Dental accidents aren't uncommon among seniors, especially among elderly adults who may have joint or mobility issues and more vulnerable to falls. Dental accidents such as broken teeth can lead to huge medical bills. Get coverage through AARP's Plan A, though, and dental accidents are 100 percent covered! This can save plan members tons of money in the long run.