Ask This When Shopping for a Wig

There are many reasons to consider purchasing a wig. A wig is a fantastic opportunity to change your hair's color, length or style without damaging your hair or committing with a permanent haircut. Wigs are also used by people who must undergo chemotherapy, a common treatment for cancer and some rheumatic diseases that often results in hair loss. Even people who lose hair naturally from aging may seek wigs to regain a youthful appearance. Whatever your reasons, there are a variety of questions you will be faced with before your purchase, not to mention concerns with care and durability. A wig can be an easy and painless purchase, especially if you're prepared.

Is a wig uncomfortable to wear?
If this is a short term purchase, such as for a costume, comfort may be desired but not critical. But for a wig that you may wear every day, comfort is a valid concern. There are many tips and tools online to keep your wig from becoming a headache, the most important of which being measurements. Measure the circumference of your head before purchasing a long term wig and purchase accordingly.
What material do you want?
Are you looking for a natural material, such as human or animal hair? Or would you prefer synthetic hair? Synthetic hair is good for a temporary wig, and is best to be worn only a few times. Wigs made from human or animal hair are more expensive, and tend to last longer.
How do you protect your wig from damage?
Wigs are very different from your normal hair, especially synthetic. A large range of variables, from kitchen heat to hairbrushes, can cause irreversible damage. Be sure to read up on how to protect your wig, and avoid any situations that could possibly cause damage.
Are you prepared to care for your wig?
There are countless tips on the internet to help teach you to care for your wig. Whether it be synthetic or natural, there are wig-specific care products that you should purchase before buying a wig. There are also different ways to style your wig, as a wig is not as durable as your own natural hair. Make sure you are well prepared and informed before your purchase.
What style and color should you choose?
Wigs are rising in popularity in modern fashion, making them a more socially accepted style choice. But with all forms of fashion, there are many do's and dont's when it comes to wig choice and application. First, decide on the reason behind your purchase. Do you want to stand out? Or do you want the wig to look like your natural hair? Keep your intentions in mind when looking up tips and tricks for wig trends online, and choose your style accordingly.
Why are you shopping for a wig?
As stated above, there are many reasons to shop for a wig. Depending on your reasons, you will be able to narrow down your choices when it comes to your purchase. If the wig is for a costume, you can pick something cheap, as you may only wear it a few times. If this is for everyday use, you may want something a bit more durable. If this is a response to cancer treatment side effects, then you will have to be very selective in your wig purchase.
Is your purchase in preperation for chemotherapy?
Not all forms of cancer treatment will end in hair loss. Talk with your doctor before purchasing a wig to hide hair loss to be sure that a wig will be necessary. If so, do research online to prepare yourself for the switch, so the sudden change from natural hair to wig isn't too drastic.
How do you keep your wig clean?
Depending on how often you wear your wig, you will have to clean it fairly regularly. Obviously you can't shampoo a wig like regular hair, so cleaning your wig will require some unique steps. Depending on the style of wig you have chosen and the materials used, you will have to research various products and techniques to help keep your wig clean. Also, how often you must clean your wig depends on the materials chosen, how often you wear it, and your lifestyle. Plan accordingly.

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