Where to Buy Baby Furniture

Anyone who is expecting or are looking for the perfect gift for someone special who is expecting, wants to find retailers that offer high-quality products to fit the design and feel of the nursery. The top three retailers; Simply Baby Furniture, Pottery Barn Kid's, Bed Bath & Beyond, are known for their incredible selection, whether it be contemporary furniture or classic dreamy pieces that add warmth and comfort to the room. Each has their own broad selection and offer excellent customer service and support before, during, and after the sale. Browse their websites to get more information on the products they carry, and for more ideas for additions to the nursery or a gift for a shower.

Where is a good place to look for baby furniture that offers extra customer services and registry?

Simply Baby Furniture is one of the largest baby furniture retailers in the country. They have become a big name in nursery furniture because they carry such an extensive selection, paired with a free service that offers advice for decorating as well as a baby registry for showers. Some of the best deals they currently offer include the Kid's Korner white spindle rocking chair with a deluxe, classic design in white for $91.03 and the Davinci 6 drawer Jayden dress with an espresso finish on sale for $299.00.

Which baby furniture retailer offers a selection of unique merchandise?

Pottery Barn Kid's is another great company to choose if you want a unique selection that other stores don't carry. They have everything from elegant to modern. Some of the best deals they are currently offering include The Catalina 3 in 1 convertible crib on sale for only $419. It adds a simple sophistication to any classic or country design. They also offer the They also offer the Elsie dresser and topper set for a price ranging from $519 to $599 that lends a rustic charming look for the nursery. Having trouble finding something truly unique for a nursery design? Pottery Barn Kid's is a great place to look.

Where is a good place to see the merchandise in store, but also have the option to order online?

Bed Bath & Beyond has a truly extensive collection of baby furniture to choose from. This company has become a household name because of their wide selection in addition to their many brick and mortar locations across the country. They also have an incredible website that is user-friendly and gives plenty of information about each product available. They also offer plenty of value if you are trying to stick to a budget. A couple of the great deals they have available currently include the Sorelle Berkley double dresser with 6 drawers on sale for $299.99. They also feature plenty of the increasingly popular gray baby furniture. For example, they have the Oxford Richmond grey hutch for $399.99.

What is a new design concept for a nursery?

One of the hottest trends currently for nurseries is gray furniture. Gray furniture can be found from a few select retailers and is perfect for designing a room before the gender of the baby is revealed. It looks sleek and sophisticated and matches a wide variety of colors and themes.

Is an all in one crib and changing table a better option than individual options?

The all-in-one design crib and changing table is a good value if there is limited space, or there are few areas to put separate pieces. The changing table is better suited for small babies however and depending on the brand, may cost more than buying the two separately.

Where is a good place to look for handmade baby furniture?

Pottery Barn Kid's tends to carry a wide selection of handcrafted, unique nursery furniture. There are plenty of style and colors to choose from and they always offer excellent customer service. Browse the website to get more information about their handmade furniture products.

Which retailer would allow a no-hassle return if I decide to return a piece of nursery furniture I purchased?

Bed Bath & Beyond is a great option for people who want to leave the opportunity for returns open to them. They will gladly return your undamaged items with a receipt that is marked within the designated period of time. Contact customer service for more information.

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