What to Ask About Digital Transformation

Technology has vastly changed how individuals interact with the world, both at home and at work. Where we once used to live in small towns or cities with main streets and clear boundaries, we now can communicate instantly with people on the other side of the world. Our digital transformation through the development and use of technology impacts even the smallest details of how we run our lives, our homes, and our businesses, from how we shop for groceries to how we keep track of employees who are constantly on the go. Three primary ways that homes, businesses, and organizations have experienced digital transformation include travel, communication, and mobile productivity. Ask the following questions about how home, business, and organizations can be transformed by new technology.

How has digital transformation changed our travel habits?

There used to be an entire business model built around people needing to get from point A to point B. Now individuals and even groups can plan simple to elaborate trips on the internet through organizations like Expedia and Priceline. This is all done quickly and easily, requiring little if any assistance from travel specialists.

Is travel even necessary in our increasingly mobile world?

This seems like a contradiction as travel is being mobile, but not when "mobile" is in the context of the internet and mobile devices. The ability to communicate through online chat, email, video chat, and over the phone has dampened the urgency to travel, whether it's to see family, meet clients, or work with employees. Much of our communication can happen either without being face to face, or by seeing each other's faces over Skype or Google Hangout.

How has mobile productivity changed the face of business?

With the advent of cloud computing, there are now ways that individuals can work on important projects no matter where they happen to be. Many businesses now employ contractors that work outside the office as a rule. This flexibility is a win-win for both businesses and employees.

Does mobile productivity happen at home?

With mobile devices, individuals can keep track of a variety of tasks with just a couple of taps. Message and email can be answered in the parking lot before heading onto the next errand, while groceries can be ordered for pickup or delivery later that day. Even away from home, we are never very far away, as new security systems send regular messages to our smartphones.

What's the best way to handle mobile productivity?

It's not unusual to hear people say how tired they are, most likely because we are always plugged into mobile devices. These constantly ding and otherwise notify us of messages and emails to answer and stuff to do and places to go. This can make us feel worn down, as we have no time to regroup and get some peace. Unplugging from both work and home mobile devices can help us all get the rest we need.

Can improved technology for communication ever lead to trouble?

Our communication through text, email and messaging is now instant, and there's no way to delete it once sent. This goes for negative messages as well as positive ones, or unfinished thoughts or sentences, all of which can make individuals look unprofessional.

What is meant by mobile productivity?

This term refers to how much we can get done during our times away - away from home or the office. There's no more "just waiting in line;" we have handheld mobile devices that keep us up to date on the latest news, emails, and to-do lists on our calendars.

What is the most efficient form of communication through digital transformation?

While we can reach anyone anywhere at almost any time, there are times when communicating with family members or employees has become more confusing than ever. There used to be one phone number and one address used to reach people. Now, there are multiple email addresses, social media messaging, text messaging, online chat, and, of course, calling someone on the phone. It can be hard to know which outlet to use in order to actually reach the person you are trying to communicate with, and all this effort can mean lost productivity.

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