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Buying the perfect area rug for your home is one of the greatest joys of interior design. A fabulous area rug can tie a room together in extremely subtle ways. Purchasing the right area rug for your room is easier than it seems, although there are a lot of potential factors to take into account when purchasing one. Not only are area rugs beautiful, but they can keep your toes warm and protected from the drafty hardwood or tile flooring and can insulate a room in the winter to lower your heating costs. All in all, a quality area rug is a fine investment for your home. Make sure to shop around as area rugs can be expensive, so you want to know you're getting the value for your dollar. Ask these questions about buying an area rug to learn more about the best options..

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Will this rug be placed in a high-traffic area of my home?

If the rug is going to be placed in a high-traffic area, you want to keep in mind the fabric and pattern to ensure durability. A detailed pattern on a high-traffic area rug can help you block out stains and increase the functionality of the rug. Moser Hand Braided Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Area Rugs from Wayfair are an excllent addition to any living room starting at just $37. 

What is my budget for an area rug?

Keeping in mind that area rugs can be expensive, you don't want to go over budget. Still, you should buy the best area rug you can possibly afford, even if that means going without for a couple extra paychecks to boost you up into a higher tier of quality. Bosphorus Distressed Persian rugs are $23 at RugsUSA, so you can easily find a rug to fit any budget, no matter how small.

What color area rug do I need to buy?

You don't need to buy a rug that matches the colors of your décor, but your rug's colors should coordinate with the décor already in the room. Keep in mind that lighter-colored area rugs can make a room appear bigger and more spacious, while darker area rugs can make rooms seem cozier. Overstock offers a range of colorful rugs always at discounted prices. For instance, a 8' x 11' Safavieh Monaco Vintage Bohemian Multicolored Distressed Rug is $815.88 for a total of $240.

Can my décor pull off a uniquely shaped area rug?

Rectangular rugs are by far the most common, but octagonal or circular rugs can add character to a room. If you want to make a statement, consider uniquely shaped area rugs. Get a 8' x 8' Kashan Design Round Rug for $99 at eSale Rugs.

What size rug is appropriate for the room?

There are a couple generally accepted rules of thumb for area rugs: you want a rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall, and for front entryways, you open the front door and measure from that point. All hall rugs should have at least 6 inches of flooring showing on each side. Wayfair offers most of their rugs in varying sizes such as the Carnelian Handmade Peridot Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug. The 2' x 3' oval rug is available for just $38 while the largest 10' x 13' rug is $800.

Does this rug have a comfortable texture?

You want to make sure of two things regarding texture. The first thing is that the texture doesn't clash with the other textures in the room, and the other is that it feels comfortable against your toes when you're crossing the rug to get across the room. Restoration Hardware offers textured wool area rugs starting at $775, but members can get their rugs for just $620.

What brand of rug do I want to buy?

Shop around to find out which area rug brands and manufacturers sell the patterns and textures you like. Shopping exclusively through them will save you money on markup, unlike department stores. When purchasing a name brand rug, prepare to pay a little more. Safavieh Bohemian Boh525f Beige will cost you at least $121.50 for a 3' x 5' area rug.

Will the pattern on this area rug clash with my furniture?

If you have patterned furniture, make sure the pattern on your new area rug won't clash with it. Take a picture with your phone or carry a swatch with you when shopping for an area rug so you can compare and avoid an unsightly surprise when you take the rug home.

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