Ask This About Web Development Degrees

Interested in developing new websites? Web development degrees are a great way to start a career in web development, learning the necessary skills to develop single pages of text, complex web-based applications and a variety web development tasks including web design, web engineering and web content. Going into the future, the world wide web is only getting bigger which means plenty of opportunities for years to come. The top universities in the country like Southern New Hampshire University, Liberty and Arizona State University offer some of the best web development degree programs in the country and are also quite affordable. If you are looking for a web development program, ask these questions about web development degrees to learn more. A successful career in web development starts by setting yourself on the right path.

Would I benefit more from on-campus courses?

Many people thrive in a college setting away from home where you are surrounded by fellow students and a large faculty that can give you one-on-one that is difficult to simulate on the web. If you are this kind of person, then you are more likely to succeed at a local university that offers web development degrees.

What can you tell me about Arizona State University?

Arizona State University offers a 60-credit-hour degree program for Applied Sciences in Internet and Web Development. The program focuses on usability, multi-media design, cross-platform applications and so much more. However, for acceptance into the program you’ll need an associate’s degree in applied sciences.

How many classes will I need to take?

To fulfill a degree program for web development, you are going to need around 120 total credit hours. This is around 20 classes that you will need to take for any of the programs mentioned above. Upon completing these programs you will have earned your bachelor’s degree.

What can you tell me about Liberty University?

Liberty University offers a Web Development online degree program that is 100% online, helping you develop the skills to advance as a web developer. The fast-track program will help you earn your degree in just 18 hours through eight-week courses that can be started at eight different times during the year. You’ll have access to all the necessary resource and knowledgeable process with tons of experience. Required courses include Application Programming, Web Architecture and Development, Web Enterprise Technologies and Object-Oriented Programming.

Can I get a degree online?

Online degrees are available from a variety of universities that offer online programs that you can complete at home, and on your own time. So, if you are working while you complete the program, the flexible hours of an online web development degree program may be a great option for you. Top universities like Arizona State University, Liberty and Southern New Hampshire University all offer online programs that you can complete in the comfort of your own home.

How long are classes?

Classes for a web development program typically last around eight weeks. During this time, you will focus on a new facet of web development with each class you take including multimedia design, technologies, web architecture, security and so much more.

Can I get a military discount for an online program?

Many online programs offer a military discount for active military members, veterans and military spouses. Liberty University’s courses are available at a discounted price of $250 per credit hour, making the program more affordable for our nation’s heroes.

What can you tell me about Southern New Hampshire University?

SNHU offers a specialized online degree program in Web Design and Development that allows you to complete courses at your own pace. Classes are accessible 24/7 and there are multiple start dates throughout the year. Best of all SNHU offers some of the lowest tuition rates in the country, making it more affordable than most. By completing this program, SNHU promises that you can make as much at $130,000 a year.

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