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    Ask This When Pursuing Veterinary Tech Training

    Veterinary tech training is a great option for people who love animals and would like to start a career taking care of them. While full-fledged veterinarians attend many years of schooling, vet techs can get certified in a matter of months. This is a great option for those who aren't ready to commit to years of education, but want to see what it's like to care for the most vulnerable creatures on a day-to-day basis. There are several places you can go to get veterinary tech training. The top three veterinary tech training schools are Penn Foster, PMI, and Purdue University. Ask these questions when looking for a veterinary tech training program.

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    Do I care about animals?
    Being a vet tech will put you around animals the entire time you're at work. You'll be dealing with animals that are upset and grumpy and they may be hostile. Vet tech training is only going to be worth your while if you truly love animals and want to help them feel better.
    Will I need to complete an internship to get my degree?
    In most cases, you will not have to complete an internship as a graduation requirement. That said, internships offer invaluable hands-on experience that will best prepare you for the career you've chosen as a veterinary tech.
    Will I learn about how to care for large animals, such as horses and tigers?
    While most veterinary techs work for small, private veterinary clinics, there are specialty focus programs you can enroll in to teach you how to help care for larger animals. In rural areas especially, livestock veterinary techs are incredibly valuable.
    Do I need to be specially certified to care for livestock?
    In some states, caring for livestock will require a special class of certification to care for livestock. This is because in the case of farms that produce dairy and beef, and other food items supplied by animals, it is necessary for the safety certifications for the FDA to know that only certified experts have handled the animals.
    Do I need to work for a veterinarian when I've finished training?
    No. Training to be a veterinary tech also qualifies people to work at animal shelters, animal rescues and pet supply stores. This degree path can also open doors in biomedical research.
    Will my courses be taught by actual veterinarians?
    In many cases, schools do employ actual practitioners to teach courses. Many veterinarians take on teaching as a second source of income. You can easily discover which courses will be taught by real veterinary practitioners by reading the professor bio on course descriptions and faculty lists for each school.
    What is the duration of this veterinary tech program?
    Becoming a veterinary tech usually requires an associate degree, but some vet tech students can find jobs while still finishing up in school. Focused study in a special program such as those offered by Penn Foster and PMI can get you fully trained in as little as 18 months.
    Can I be a veterinary tech for an animal dentist?
    In many cases, your veterinary tech degree will allow you to work for any class of veterinarian. While the veterinarians themselves must undergo special education and certification to work in animal dentistry, you can still assist them without having been through similar training.