Ask This When Applying For Trucking Jobs

Few jobs can provide the same freedom and sense of adventure as trucking jobs. For anyone who prefers hands-on, physical work, then truck driving is for you. You won’t have to dress up or deal with coworkers. Both the pay and benefits are rather decent, too. Furthermore, trucking is a high demand job and you can always find work even if you quit or get fired from a job. With trucking jobs you can cruise open roads all over the nation, or you can apply for local trucking jobs so you don’t have to spend days at a time away from friends and family. Some of the best trucking companies regularly offering jobs are FedEx, UPS and Schneider National, which is the largest privately owned trucking company in the nation. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when applying for various trucking jobs.

Am I capable of driving a truck?

While there will be some training required, driving a truck is not as easy as driving a car. When driving a truck it is difficult to see other cars around you. Accidents can easily occur when driving a truck around town. It also takes much longer to stop a truck than it takes to stop a car, so you won'??t have a lot of time to stop for others or road hazards.

Am I old enough to drive a truck?

Truck drivers must be at least 18 years old to obtain a commercial driving license. However, you cannot drive out of state lines in a truck until you are 21 years old. On top of that, many trucking companies will not hire individuals who are under 23, and have not had at least one year of experience.

What kind of experience does this truck driving position require?

Many trucking jobs will want you to have some experience. Since driving a truck is so difficult and they want their goods delivered efficiently, many employers will be looking for truck drivers with at least a couple years of experience. There are plenty of openings available for first-time drivers, but you'll need to work for awhile before you can get the best gigs.

Am I in the physical condition to drive a truck?

In order to drive a truck, a physical examination will be required every two years. You must have good hearing and vision (at least20/40) with or without corrective lenses, as well as a 70 degree field of vision. Lastly, you cannot be colorblind.

Do I need to be able to lift heavy objects with this trucking job?

Some truck driving jobs require drivers to load and unload heavy boxes and materials. You'll need to lift the back of the trailer and the loading ramp too. However, there are plenty of jobs where drivers aren't expected to do any lifting. If lifting heavy objects is an issue for you, be sure to ask about this upfront before accepting a route.

How much am I willing to drive?

Depending on the job, your job may require you to drive further than you desire. You need to find out how much driving your job will entail. If the driving seems too much for you, try finding another job opening. If you are uncomfortable driving long distances, then you should focus your search on local trucking jobs in your area.

What makes Schneider National a good place to find trucking jobs?
Schneider National, the nation's largest privately owned trucking company, partners with over 6,000 carriers and logs more than 5 million miles per day. Employees of this company have great benefits and average full-time salaries of about $55,000 per year. Those are great numbers for a trucking company, which is why applicants always have Schneider in their sights.
Have you had any traffic violations or failed drug/alcohol tests?

Trucking companies do not want to be liable for reckless drivers. If you have had any DWIs or DUIs in the past four years, you will not be able to find a local trucking job. If you have had any reckless driving convictions or license suspension in the past three years, you will also have trouble getting a job. Excessive traffic violations will not make you a desirable employee for any job that requires a great deal of driving.  

Which trucking companies are the best places to work?
The UPS and FedEx seem to be atop every list of the best trucking companies to work for. That's because both of these companies offer solid wages and a wealth of part-time and full-time openings for operating their giant fleets. Unlike smaller companies, trucking jobs with these large entities are guaranteed to be stable.

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