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The top pharmacy degree programs online allow students to achieve their dreams of becoming a pharmacist in a convenient and affordable way. A pharmacy degree takes four years of schooling after you complete your undergraduate degree, so it is about eight years of schooling total after high school. Once students achieve a pharmacy degree, they have to pass a lot of tests to get certified to be a pharmacist. Fortunately, there are several degree programs that can be pursued online. Much of the study at this level is on an individual basis, so doing the program online is often not a hindrance at all. It may take a little longer, but the positive side is, you may take as long as you like and work at your own pace with an online program. There are more and more schools offering online degrees. The top three schools offering pharmacy degree programs online are Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, University of Cincinnati, and Rutgers. Ask the following questions to find out more about the top pharmacy degree programs online. 

Will an online degree be as good as a traditional degree?

The short answer is yes. Online degrees have become better and better, and many traditional and state universities are now offering online pharmacy programs. There are not a lot of choices, but those that are available have all the necessary accreditation you need to become a pharmacist.

What kind of preparation do you need for pharmacy school?

While in undergraduate school, you will need to take chemistry, biology, and anatomy. Some colleges offer a pre-pharmacy program that will help prepare a student. Some also offer an undergraduate pharmacy degree that is good preparation for pharmacy school.

How do you become a pharmacist?

A Bachelor's degree with an emphasis on chemistry, biology, and anatomy is a good start. From there it takes four years in pharmacy school. After that, a student must pas licensing examinations in order to start practice. States are different and you may have to take a different test in a different state.

What makes the University of Cincinnati a good choice?

The University of Cincinnati offers complete masters of pharmaceutical science programs online. They have programs that emphasize cosmetic science, drug development sciences and a pharmacy leadership program. This program is at the postgraduate level and takes most students eight semesters to complete.

Why is Rutgers a top school?

Rutgers offers an undergrad program that is good preparation. Rutgers offers online programs in biochemical engineering with a concentration in pharmacist engineering. Students need an undergraduate degree in science, engineering, or pharmacy to be admitted. Online students will have access to everything traditional students have.

What makes the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine a viable choice?

This is a new program, started in 2014, and has a complete Pharmacy degree available. Students have to come to the campus for some orientation and some lab classes, but almost all of it can be completed online. Students must also complete experiential internships at wellness centers, hospitals or at pharmacies. Students will also have to travel for some exams.

What is the cost of pharmacy school?

At traditional universities, students pay about $25,000 per year for the program and could spend as much as $125,000 for the entire program. The cost for online is still significant, but not as high as it is for a traditional student. 

How much money does a pharmacist make?

The average pay for a pharmacist in the United States is $112,000 per year or about $53 per hour. The pay ranges from a low of $84,000 to a high of $144,000 in different areas of the country.

Where do pharmacists work?

Pharmacists can work in hospitals, clinics or any healthcare facility. They also often work in retail drug stores. Armed services also hire pharmacists, as well as some other government agencies. Thee are mail services and internet companies that also hire pharmacists.

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