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    Top 8 Ways Employers Can Save Tons of Cash on Employee Health Programs

    Does your business have an employee health program? Employee health programs are a great way to promote employee health, while helping you save money in the long run. With physical fitness at an all-time low, it’s more important now than ever to promote healthy behavior. It’s a great way to reach out to employees and show them how much you care about their well-being. While you might be concerned about the costs of such a program, know that there are plenty of ways to save on an employee health program and on top of this, merely having an employee program can help you save. With that said, ask this about the top 8 ways employers can save tons of cash on an employee health program.

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    How can employee health benefit my business?

    A healthy employee will be happier and have more energy throughout the day, improving their work performance in a variety of ways. With healthier employees, you’ll increase productivity and efficiency at the workplace, potentially expanding your business and maximizing profit.

    How can an employee health program help me save on health care costs?

    Chronic diseases caused by unhealthy behaviors are largely responsible for high health care costs. By promoting employee wellness, you’ll be doing your part to help limit the costs of health care. By improving employee health, you’ll reduce their need to seek healthcare services. It’s a better alternative to dropping coverage or increasing employee insurance costs for the sake of employees and the company as a whole.

    Can I get my employees to stop smoking/drinking?

    Smoking and drinking are two unhealthy habits that can really hinder work performance and raise healthcare costs. Promoting quitting these unhealthy habits will reduce healthcare costs, as premiums will be much lower for those who don’t smoke versus those who do.

    Should I put in a gym as part of a program?

    If you have the room, putting in a small gym at your workplace can be an excellent way to promote employee health, reducing obesity and strengthening the body so employees do not get sick as often. They’ll not only show up to work when they are supposed to, but they’ll make fewer trips to the doctor. Some businesses offer classes like for Yoga for the sake of promoting wellness.

    Can my company offer gym reimbursement?

    Gym reimbursement can be an excellent option for saving money on your health program, since you won’t have to purchase and manage your own in-office gym which can be troublesome if you have a lot of employees. If you can’t cover the full cost, you may offer to cover a portion.

    Can I give my employees more outdoor space?

    Outdoor space for employees can be a great way to promote healthier behavior without being in-your-face about it. Outdoor space will allow your employees to get some sun which is good for skin and will encourage them to engage in physical activity, for example maybe tossing a ball around with a fellow employee.

    Can I provide healthy catering?

    Providing meals for your employees can be another way to promote healthy habits. If you want your employees to eat healthy foods, then maybe try providing them with some. Many businesses provide food for their employees at times, but often it’s donuts or pizza. Maybe try a healthy sandwich or salad which can be cheaper.

    What are some inexpensive programs I can try?

    Walker Tracker is one inexpensive way to help employers manage their health program easily and inexpensively. With Walker Tracker, employees can connect together via an app which helps promote some “healthy” competition. Rival Health is another outstanding program that helps promote physical activity and nutrition. Additionally, theirs New Ocean which focuses on empowering employees to take control of their health. Each of these programs comes at minimal cost to you, and the cost of it will be more than paid for when you consider the benefits.