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Proper outdoor lighting is essential for proper security and aesthetic purposes. Finding the right type of lighting for your area may prove to be challenging if you don't know which retailers to shop from. Not all outdoor lighting retailers are the same. Buying your merchandise from a reputable retailers helps ensure you receive quality products and top notch customer service. The top three outdoor lighting retailers currently are Home Depot, Wayfair, and Lamps Plus. They feature plenty of styles and sizes to choose from as well as world-class customer service. You get everything you need from one convenient retailer. Most of these retailers will also allow you to make hassle-free returns if the lighting you purchase isn't a good fit for your home or office. Check out the following questions and answers for more information on finding the best retailer and deals for your outdoor lighting needs.

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What is the best type of lighting to provide coverage for a large area such as the front of a house?

The most common form of broad lighting is a floodlight. A floodlight is also an excellent security measure because it deters would-be criminals from coming on to the property because they can be easily seen by others.

What type of light works best for the entryway to a home or an office?

Although this depends on individual taste, the most common choice for entryway lighting is the outdoor sconce light. It not only adds a decorative flair to an entrance, it is easy to access to replace the bulb whenever it goes out.

? What watt light is best for an entryway?

On average 75 watts is good for providing adequate light for the entryway without costing too much money over the course of time. There are some lower watt bulbs that are yellow, or bug repellant, but they do not provide the same amount of light that standard lights provide.

Which retailer offers a large selection of outdoor lighting that is unique?

For unique lighting, check out Lamps Plus. They have great deals such as the Franklin Iron Works Hickory Point 12" light on sale currently for $129.95. They also have the Stratus Collection wall sconce for only $79.95. Check out the selection online for more information.

Which retailer has excellent customer service and design advice for outdoor lighting?

Wayfair has an extensive selection of outdoor lighting, and they even offer design assistance to help create a cohesive look. Some of the deals they feature currently include the Crofts solar-powered LED light for $28.99 and the Trinity 74" post light for $133.99.

What retailer can help customers decide which type of lighting works best for a new build?

Customers who are looking for expertise when it comes to outdoor lighting should check with Lamps Plus before they look elsewhere. They specialize in lighting and know all of the ins and outs of both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures.

How can customers be assured of quality lighting fixtures when shopping at a retailer?

Shopping with a retailer that is respected in the lighting industry is a good way to ensure quality. Most top retailers can help you decide what lighting is going to stand up to the elements at your outdoor space.

Which retailers have the most to offer people who are on a budget?

For people who want to make their dollar stretch, Home Depot offers a wide selection of economical outdoor lighting to fit every taste and style. Some of the deals they feature include the Hampton Bay Aged Iron outdoor flush mount light for $39.97 and the Hampton Bay outdoor black LED flush mount light on sale for only $29.98.

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