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    Top 3 Hotels with Senior Discounts

    Are you a senior who is looking to save money on your next hotel room? If so, you're in luck, as many of the nation's leading hotel properties offer deep discounts for senior guests. We've evaluated numerous senior hotel discounts to reveal our top three -- they're offered by Best Western, Hyatt and Marriott. Whether you're booking vacation accommodations or seeking a place to stay during for holidays or other special occasions, these great discounted rates can leave more money in your pockets for other expenses. Want to learn more about these top-rated senior hotel discounts and how you might find even bigger discounts in your area? If so, read on for information about the top three hotels with senior discounts.

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    How can I access exclusive senior hotel discounts?
    Consider joining the AARP if you're not already signed up. AARP members get exclusive discounts on hotels, airfare, car maintenance, groceries and more. There's a small annual fee, but the discounts easily make up for those costs.
    How good is Marriott's senior discount?
    Are you at least 62 years old? If so, Marriott can shave at least 15 percent off your rate when booking at Marriott hotels all over the world.
    What kind of discount can seniors get from Best Western hotels?
    Best Western Hotels & Resorts offers senior discounts to guests who are either at least 55 years old or members of the AARP. With AARP membership available at the age of 50, this is a highly inclusive discount program.
    Are there room limits to senior discounts?
    Different hotels place their own limits on how many rooms seniors can book using their discounts. For example, Hyatt allows seniors to book up to two rooms at their discounted rates.
    Where else can seniors find great discounts on hotels?
    Seniors can take advantage of several great resources for hotel discounts. Groupon and LivingSocial are two great websites (with convenient phone apps) that always have great deals on hotel rooms. Seniors can also use AAA memberships to find cheap hotel accommodations.
    Can I find senior hotel discounts for any day of the year?
    You'll have a harder time finding rooms available at discounted rates during peak travel times, such as the days right around Christmas. Always book in advance to make sure to take advantage of available discount programs.
    How many nights can I book with a senior discount?
    Most hotels that offer senior discount programs don't have restrictions on the number of nights you can stay. This is something you need to confirm with each hotel where you're considering staying.
    How large are the senior discounts offered by Hyatt?
    Discount rates vary by room and date, but Hyatt's senior discount program offers up to 50 percent discounts on rooms in the United States and Canada.