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    Top 3 Credit Cards for College Students

    A great credit card can be a college student's best friend. College students often hold part-time jobs while shouldering the burden of classes; meanwhile, they've got to pay for books, tuition, groceries, rent and numerous other costs. And let's face it -- having the flexibility for much-needed study breaks isn't a bad thing, either. We've evaluated numerous credit cards to bring you our top three for college students, and our favorites are offered by Discover, Citi and Capital One. Don't settle for a credit card with unnecessary annual fees and no rewards for being a good card holder; instead, read on to learn more about the top three credit cards for college students.

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    What are the top three credit cards for students?

    Our top three favorites are the Discover it for Students card, the Citi ThankYou Preferred Card for College Students, and the Journey Student Rewards card from Capital One.

    Do these credit cards have annual fees?

    None of these cards carries an annual fee. This is important. Numerous attractive credit card offers have annual fees, and for college students, every dollar saved can be a tremendous help.

    Does these cards offer rewards for usage?

    Rewards cards have added value for college students, and each of these cards offers rewards for usage. Two of these cards offer cash back and one offers points redeemable for various products.

    What is the Discover card's rewards program?

    The Discover Card offers cash back at varying rates. Discover returns 5 percent of cash back for specific categories that rotate on a three-month basis. Otherwise, cardholders get 1 percent cash back. There is also a $1,500 quarterly reward limit.

    What is the Citi card's rewards program?

    Citi lets students collect points for using their cards, and points are redeemable for travel, restaurant gift cards, merchandise, cash and more. Cardholders get two points per $1 spent on restaurants and entertainment and one point per dollar spent on other purchases.

    What is the Capital One card's rewards program?

    Capital One offers an innovative rewards program that reinforces financial responsibility. Students get just 1 percent back on all purchases, but they also get 0.25-percent cash-back bonuses for paying their bills on time.

    Does this card reward students with good GPAs?

    College is hard, and class should come first. That's a big plus of the Discover card, which offers an annual $20 bonus for students who maintain 3.0 GPAs.

    Are these cards good for studying abroad?

    If you plan on taking classes in another country, then you might want to focus on the Discover and Capital One options. The Citi student card imposes a 3 percent fee on foreign transactions.