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Running low on toner or ink? Printer cartridges are not cheap by any means, but there are ways you can save. Printer refill subscription services are a means to both save time and money, and will also make sure that printing is continuous with no interruptions. There are several different types of printer refill subscription services. The first allows you to receive a certain amount of pages of printing every month. The second is automatic enrollment that will send replacement cartridges when the printer sends a message that it is low on ink. Either way, can end up saving you money in the long run. Read on for more information about printer refill subscription plans.

What is a Printer Ink Plan?

This is where a certain set amount is paid monthly for an exact number of sheets per month. The HP Instant Ink plan allows users to purchase up to 300 sheets per month. 300 sheets cost $9.99 and replacement cartridges are sent once the ink starts to run low. There are plans with a lower number of sheets that cost less. Additional sheets can be purchased for $0.05 per page. 

How Else Does the Printer Ink Plan Save Money?

The HP Instant Ink plan allows for unused sheets to be carried over to the next month. This keeps users from having to waste sheets that have been paid for, but not used. In other words, every sheet gets used at one point or another.

What is an Automatic Subscription?

There are several plans that will send out replacement cartridges when the printer sends a message to the cartridge manufacturer that the ink is low. The printer is connected to a network and communicates with the manufacturer through the network as to the status of its ink contents. Once the message is received, the refill ink is automatically shipped out to the customer.

How Does an Automatic Subscription Save Money?

These plans generally discount each printer cartridges off of the regular price. When a household or business does quite a bit of printing, this adds up to large savings on ink costs. For example, Best Buy Easy Replenish Ink gives a ten percent discount on refill cartridges when an automatic subscription is selected.

What Other Plans Offer a Discount?

Brother Ink refill also offers a ten percent discount on each printer ink refill ordered through an automatic subscription which can add up to big savings. Canon, Epson, and Amazon also offer printer ink subscription services.

What Other Discounts are Available?

Most of the companies that offer printer ink refills do not charge to ship the cartridges. This can add up to big savings for users. For example, the Epson Ink Refill service does not charge shipping on any of the cartridges. Most companies only give free shipping for a certain amount of purchases.

Do Any Other Subscriptions Offer Free Shipping?

HP Instant Ink includes shipping in its monthly price. In addition, Best Buy, Canon and Epson ship the refills free of charge. That is one of the major benefits of these subscription plans because these items are bulky and usually expensive to ship. Users can wait at home for their cartridge and do not need to go to a store.

How Else Do These Plans Save Money?

For all of the subscriptions, customers pay for only the cartridges that they use as they are required. They do not receive a new refill cartridge until one is needed. By reducing unnecessary purchases, waste on printer cartridges is cut.

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