The Top Three Deals on Tena Incontinence Supplies

Tena incontinence supplies are high-quality, comfortable undergarments for those who suffer for overactive bladder and other medical conditions that result in uncontrolled urination. Fortunately, there are coupons and deals offered through retailers that make this ongoing expense easier to deal with. Retailers run sales on a rotating basis, so shoppers can look for deals on Tena incontinence supplies every couple of months and stock up when prices are low. Individuals looking for deals on Tena incontinence supplies can do a quick and simple internet search for coupons, starting with the manufacturer, to save even more money. Tena also offers free samples of their products for customers who qualify. The top three deals on Tena incontinence supplies are through Amazon, Walmart, and Discount Medical Supplies. Ask the following questions when searching for the best deals on Tena incontinence products.

What types of incontinence supplies does Tena make?

This company has a wide range of products for customers to choose from, including Classic Briefs, Stretch Ultra Briefs, Stretch Super Briefs, Super Briefs, Bariatric Briefs and Belted Undergarments.

How can I get free samples of Tena incontinence products?

The easiest way to get free samples is to fill out an online form on Tena’s website. Customers can also call the company’s toll-free number to order free samples.

Where do I find online coupons for Tena incontinence products?

Tena offers coupons through the website, which can be downloaded and printed at home to use at retailers like Walmart. Other online coupons can be found on retailer websites, as well as websites like and Red Plum, as well as in the Sunday ads that come out with your local newspaper.

How will I know when retailers have sales on Tena incontinence products?

The easiest way to know if there are sales on Tena products is to look through the Sunday ads in the paper each week. Customers can even look online at retailers’ website or set up a Google alert for Tena products.

Can I order directly from the Tena website?

Yes, ordering directly from the website is possible and may even result in extra savings. Tena has a rotating schedule of sales on their incontinence products, as well as free shipping on orders over $50.

Are Tena incontinence supplies shipped to my home?

When ordered online, these products are discreetly delivered directly to homes.

How much do incontinence products generally cost?

The cost of these products varies by the size of the package. In smaller packages, shoppers can plan on paying about one dollar per item; therefore, a package of 12 protective underwear would be about $12. Shoppers who buy these products in larger packages will save even more, paying around sixty-five cents per item.

Does Tena have any coupons on its website that I can use?

Currently, Tena has several coupons available from its website including $7 off any one Tena product or up to $14 off a Tena product.

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