The Top Roadside Assistance Options

Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road without any help. With the best roadside assistance services, you’ll never have to be. Whether you need your car jumped, your tires changed or some fuel to make it to the nearest gas station, roadside assistance services can get you out of any jam. Usually, locking yourself out of your car might be a time to panic but not if you are prepared. Motor clubs like AAA, All State and AARP are low-cost and provide a huge number. Saving you tons of money in the long run, choosing a motor club is the smart thing to do. If you are looking for the top roadside assistance options, ask these questions.

Can I add someone to my membership?

Adding someone to your AAA, AARP or Allstate Motor Club membership is easy. At Allstate you can usually add a second person for free but additional members will cost you extra. Children from age 16 to 18 are usually included with the cost of your membership. But with roadside assistance services, you can rest easy knowing your family will be safe as long as they have their membership card on-hand.

What services are offered?

Motor clubs like AAA and the Allstate Motor Club offer a wide variety of services for those in need. The most basic services offered by most motor clubs include jump starting, towing, locksmithing, fuel delivery and tire changing. They will not however be able to provide you with a tire. However, roadside assistance services like AAA can provide you with a new battery if they have the appropriate one on-hand.

What other advantages are there to joining a motor club?

Getting roadside assistances also comes with a ton of other advantages you probably didn’t even think about. You’ll get discounts on shopping, entertainment, dining, car rentals, hotels and so much more. The savings you get on all these services will easily cover the cost of your membership.

What towing limits are there?

Allstate Motor Club, AAA and AARP Roadside Assistance easily offer the best towing services. With Allstate Motor Club, a premium member ship can provide towing expenses up to $250. AAA can tow your car up to 200 miles with a premium membership. AARP Roadside Assistance can tow your car up to 100 miles.

What are the best roadside assistance services for seniors?

For seniors, AARP is the only choice. Available for as low as $58 a year, it easily fits in a senior’s budget. They’ll get reimbursement for locksmith services and up to $1,500 and up to five miles of towing with a basic membership. With AARP roadside assistance, seniors are always in good hands.

How often can I use services?

Roadside assistance services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. No matter where you are and no matter when, someone from the motor club is ready to answer your call and help you out. While it may take a while for them to get to you depending on where you are, they can and will help you out provided they operate in the state you are in. Using services multiple times however will cost you as there may be a limit attached to your membership, so avoid trouble as much as possible.

Is satisfaction guaranteed?

Satisfaction is always guaranteed with roadside assistance. Allstate Motor Club grants members a 30-day money-back guarantee while AARP Roadside Assistance members will get a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied in that time, you can cancel and get a full-refund.

Are there currently any special offers available?

Allstate Motor Club is currently offering a great deal for new members. For just $1 per week, you can get roadside assistance services for your first year for yourself and another member of the household – that’s just $52 per year for 24/7 roadside assistance. Meanwhile, AARP’s Roadside Assistance will give seniors a complimentary AARP membership for one year.

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