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It really is a small world, in these days of fast planes and internet. Dealing with people who speak a different language is quite common, and even small businesses may have need of a translation service. Choosing a service can be difficult, as there are so many and they promise so much. Many online translators are even free. Unfortunately, the free translators do not always give the most accurate translations. When protecting the reputation of a business, communication is one of the most important tools. A business needs to be able to express its ideas in a way which can be easily understood. There are several top translation services that can provide top quality work with a quick turn around time. Ask the following questions when searching for the best translation services online.

What is wrong with the free translators, like and Google Translate?

While the free translators might be able to provide a translation which is technically accurate, the real meaning might be lost. The better translation services will use translators who understand the culture and unusual uses of words. A literal translation might not make sense or might even be offensive. 

Speaking is different from reading and writing. Are there translators that can handle speech too?

Babylon 10 Premium Pro is an example of a translator service that can translate human voice text to speech. Even among translation services, this is more of a premium product that will probably cost extra. Speechlogger is an app that uses automatic speech recognition software and promises instant translation. 

What kind of payment plans do online translator services offer?

Depending on the needs of the client, there are many different kinds of pricing structure. Most of them offer a monthly and / or yearly price, with different tiers based on what kind of services are needed and how often they are needed. Some services may have a simple set up where the customer pays for the number of words that need to be translated. 

How long do translator services take to produce results?

Some translators work pretty much instantaneously, but others have different timelines. It may not be necessary to get a detailed translation for something relatively simple. A translation of French poetry, on the other hand, may take days or weeks so that the person doing the work can look up anything obscure and write it in a more literary style. 

Is it better to use a translation service that uses real people instead of just software?

Even if the sought after product isn't poetry, there may be a need to get a translation which is more nuanced. The people who work for translator services normally must be accredited by the American Translator Association or another body. Not only do they learn language, but they are required to learn dialects and culture. Gengo, EDGEProfessional and InWhatLanguage offer very good and reasonably priced translator services.

What are some other ways to choose which translation service is best for a certain business or enterprise?

Most of them will let you know about other customers they have helped. This is particularly helpful for a specialty business, such as a computer science or farming business. Whenever there may be unusual technical terms, it is easier to work with a translator service which is already familiar with the technical jargon.

What about desktop publishing?

A service which offers these kinds of services can help a lot. It can handle typesetting and formatting, which are often highly technical tasks. The source files will come back ready to go. All design elements will be taken care of. Inter Pro is an excellent example.

What about customer support?

Before choosing a translation service, users should carefully consider the amount of customer support they will need. One Planet responds in less than a day while others are even quicker. 

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