The Best Skylight Installers in Your Area

Skylights are a wonderful way to add natural light to any room. Natural light can help cut energy costs and can make a room look larger and more inviting. Skylights will also help increase the value of a home. There are a few top skylight installers to check out before deciding who is going to install one of these great features in a home or business. The top skylight installers include Velux, National Skylight Solutions, and The Home Depot. These professional companies can provide you with quality workmanship along with the best deals around. Consider having a skylight or two installed in rooms such as the kitchen and the living room to create an updated look and make your space not only more inviting for visitors but also future potential home buyers. Ask the following questions when searching for a skylight installer in your area.

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How long does it take to install a skylight?

A regular skylight only takes a day or so to install depending on the weather conditions in the area. If it is a favorable day the installation may only take a few hours to complete. 

Do installers offer a guarantee on workmanship?

Most installers will guarantee their workmanship. Ask a representative from the company about guarantees before signing a contract to begin work. It gives peace of mind knowing if there is a defect in workmanship, it can be fixed without additional charges. 

What should customers look for when shopping for a skylight installation company?

One of the main things a potential customer should look for when trying to find a great local installation company is a history of great customer service. Most of these companies have customer reviews and testamonials on their website. 

Do these contractors provide skylights maintenance?

Although skylights are low maintenance, they do require some minimal attention periodically. Velux offers a full service approach to skylight installation and maintainence. They have skilled technicians who can work with you to get the most from your skylights. 

How long do skylight last when installed by one of these top companies.

If properly maintained and the roof is carefully taken care of, the skylight can last several decades if installed properly. When the roof is replaced it would be time to replace the skylight as well. Ask one of these contractors about the lifespan of their products before making a purchase.

Do these companies use green building technology?

National Skylight Solutions is one company that believes in using green building technology to reduce the carbon footprint. They are dedicated to helping preserve the environment while also giving the customer the results they expect. 

Which company has an active sales team located all over the country?

Velux is the only company that features a national sales team that is devoted to working closely with the customer to help them determine which options fit thier needs best. 

Which company is likely to offer services in most area?

The Home Depot is likely to have installation available in most parts of the country. There is a location in just about every city in the country with crews that are trained to come to your site and install the skylight professionally.

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