The Best Online Options for Health Safety Training

Health safety training is important for almost every type of industry. Personnel with health training serve an important function in keeping employees, clients, and customers safe. Additionally, an employee with health safety training helps your company avoid being cited for safety violations by creating policies to ensure that your workplace or business is a safe place for everyone, and by overseeing all of the conditions and equipment meet required standards for safety. Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) trained individuals are responsible for making sure that your company's benefit policies meet specific standards as outlined in many union worker contracts, to avoid being fined. There are a wide variety of online companies that provide health safety training for various industries. The best online options for health safety training are the OSHA Education Center, 360 Training, and The National Safety Council. Read on for frequently asked questions about health safety training.

Is health safety training expensive?

Depending on the type of online training you need, training prices can range considerably. Also, companies with large numbers of enrolled employees may get a discount. Courses that last for weeks or months are going to cost more than individual classes that only last a day or two. For example, the OSHA Education Center offers bulk registration discounts for corporate accounts on their 10 and 30-hour training courses.

How long does health safety training take?

The OSHA Educational Center and 360 Training offers 10 and 30-hour training courses in a variety of industries while The National Safety Council offers many training courses of different lengths for classes such as workplace safety and OSHA compliance training. Some companies in industries that deal with chemicals or harmful ingredients will require more in-depth training than others. For example, some companies require ongoing training, while others only need to take a couple of courses.

Does my employer need to require the training in order for me to enroll?

Anyone who wants health safety training can enroll in courses or classes at the OSHA Education Center, 360 Training, and The National Safety Council. In fact, if you are employed your employer may reimburse you afterward, and if you are job seeking, your chances are better of landing a position with health safety training on your resume.

What does the general industry training at 360 Training cover?

The course covers OSHA inspection priorities, major hazards involved with industry work, slips, falls and trips on working and walking surfaces, the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, fire safety, flammable and combustible materials, and electrical standards, as well as the basics of safety and health programs.

Is online health safety training appropriate for parents?

There are many online courses at 360 Training and The National Safety Council that teach basic first aid and other health and safety related topics that would be beneficial to families with children. Knowing CPR, how to dress a wound, and common treatments for injuries, infections, and accidents (and how to prevent them) would be helpful to parents.

What is the best way to choose an online health safety program?

Most health safety programs are industry or topic specific, so the first thing to do is identify the occupational need. Check out the OSHA Education Center, 360 Training, and The National Safety Council's sites and compare their curriculum, expertise, certificate programs, and pricing.

Will health safety certification help my career?

The National Safety Council, OSHA Education Center, and 360 Training all offer certifications. Employers will remember a candidate that already has the appropriate health and safety training on their resume. Even if it’s not required by regulation, any company would welcome an employee with basic health and safety training.

What if I need specific industry training for my employees or my job?

The National Safety Council offers custom safety training courses designed specifically for your industry or business needs. They offer customized health and safety training that includes project planning, content development, instructional design, pilot testing, and implementation.

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