The Best Food Delivery Services and How to Save Money Using Them

We all love food but sometimes we just hate having to go out to get it. That being said, there are now more food delivery services than ever before that not only offer great food, but also, great deals. If you take the time to find the right delivery service for you, then take the time to find deals, you can get a great meal and save some money doing it. Most meal or food delivery services have some sort of new user introductory offer that helps you to save money while taking part in a great delivery service. Here are some questions you may have about delivery services and what they have to offer.

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Are There Food Delivery Services that Offer Deals For Certain Restaurants?

There are tons of great apps and services out there that offer specific deals for different restaurants and for different foods. Grubhub is one such service that not only offers deals like $12 off your first order, but also deals on certain restaurants like Taco Bell.

Are There Food Delivery Services that Offer Flat Rate Delivery?

There are some delivery services that do offer flat rates, at least for a certain period of time after you sign up for the service. Door Dash offers $1 delivery for your first month when you sign up then a rate that is based on your distance from the location you are ordering from, the size of your order, and any other deals you may have and may apply to the order when you make it.

Do All Delivery Services Work For All Restaurants?

Most delivery services are based on the driver or the delivery person rather than the particular restaurant you are ordering from. In most cases, you can order from just about any restaurant in your area. UberEATS is a great example of this The restaurants you can order from are based on the area where you are located and any applicable places to eat that are in the immediate area. Your driver will then determine if they want to take the order or not or if it should be sent to another driver that may be closer, not as busy, or just want the order. UberEATS is currently offeriing $5 off your first order coupon.

Do Delivery Services Have a Minimum Delivery Fee?

Some of the delivery services you encounter will have some sort of delivery fee minimum that applies to the order. Postmates is a great example. This service requires a minimum delivery fee of at least $5 and it will fluctuate based on how far you are from the restaurant. You may get a break if you are a new user or if the restaurant you are ordering from is very near.

Are There Alternatives to Big Name Delivery Services?

There are tons of different delivery services out there and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. If you are looking for a good alternative to the bigger name companies but still want the same format and ordering system, Seamless may be a good fit for you. This is an offshoot of Grubhub and they offer discounts for new users. They also charge a fee for delivery as well as a service fee that is a percentage of your total order.

Are There Other Sites that Deliver More Than Food? is a fantastic option for those that are looking for a delivery service that does more than just food. This service offers pick up of food, laundry, alcohol, and so much more. Delivery fees do vary based on what you are having delivered.

Are There options for My Area?

It is always easiest to determine if a delivery service is in your area based on your own research on the site. With a service like Yelp Eat 24 you can enter your address and see if there are delivery options in your area. They also offer a $10 off your first order.

Can You Order food From Anywhere?

With any food delivery service, you need to find out if they deliver to your area. These services often offer a search bar where you can enter your address to see if you are eligible for delivery. Foodler is a good example and they also offer $10 off your first order.

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