The Best Deals on Arts and Crafts Supplies

Are you looking to stock up on art supplies but do not want to spend a ton of money? Maybe you want to rediscover your hobby or restock your supply but your budget is low. Or maybe you are a student who needs to stay within your aid allotment. Either way, there are some things you need to know and some questions you should ask before and while shopping. Fortunately, art supplies can be found in many places and in many types so there is a high chance that you will easily find what you are looking for. Read on for more information on planning and shopping for art supplies.

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What are some of the best places to find the arts and crafts supplies I need at a great price?

There are tons of places out there to shop for arts and crafts supplies, but shopping at places with a good reputation and great deals can make the difference in a good shopping experience and a bad one. Blick, Utrecht, and Jerry's Artarama are all reputable companies with high customer satisfaction and great deals on almost everything you need.

Does anyone sale clearance items or BOGO deals?

If your list is long, finding clearance and BOGO deals can help tremendously. Jerry's Artarama, Blick and Utrecht all have clearance sections with extremely low prices. Blick also has BOGO deals. Both Utrecht and Jerry's Artarama offer free add-ons such as a free art pad with the purchase of a paint set. Browsing all three of these sites before making a purchase can ensure you find the best deals.

Are there certain brands I need or want to find?

Some people fall in love with one brand of supplies and will only use those. Teachers may require certain brands for their class assignments. If you are unsure, do a little research on the different types available so that you can look specifically for good deals on those brands.

Where can I find good deals on studio equipment, such as easels and art tables?

It can be fairly easy to find art furniture on sale. Right now, has a 50% off list of easels and desks. has studio furniture from 25%- 75% off. And is featuring up to 32% off.

Where can I find canvasses and art pads at a reasonable price?

You can find both at Utrecht starting at 40% off, making some of them as low as $1.17 each. Jerry's Artarama has canvases on sale up to 77% off. Also, if you join their mailing list, you will receive a special offer and a free gift. Blick has canvases and art pads up to 60% off and some are included in their Buy One, Get One sale.

Is there anywhere I can get free shipping?

Some art suppliers will ship your order for free if certain requirements are met. Utrecht, Blick, and Jerry's Artarama all offer free ground shipping on orders totaling $35 or more. Many other art sites will offer free shipping as long as orders reach a certain amount. Be sure to check any other sites before you fill your cart so there are no surprises.

Do any art suppliers offer discounts on large purchases?

You can often find offers for discounts on total purchase. Jerry's Artarama will take an extra 15% off of any non-sale items once your total reaches $35. Blick and Utrecht also offer 15% off of orders of $35 or more. Always double check these offers for any changes or exclusions.

Who has the best deals on paints and brushes?

Blick is currently running a special for 40% off of some paints and running a BOGO sale that includes both paints and brushes. Utrecht's paints and brushes are 35% - 60% off. Jerry's Artarama has select paints for 25% - 75% off and up to 85% off of brushes. 

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