The Best Audio Transcription Options Online

There are many reasons it becomes necessary to convert an audio or video recording to text. This kind of work can be very difficult, because it many recordings make it difficult to understand every word being said. A good transcription service can save time, work and frustration. If the right service is used, the service can even save the customer money as the amount of time spent working on the transcription can be used for more profitable ventures. Choosing the right transcription service can be difficult, but they are often very different from each other. Anyone considering using a transcription service should carefully consider the specific needs of the project. It can be very surprising how practical it is to use a transcription service now when these kinds of services used to be so expensive. The top three audio transcription options online include Transcription Panda, iScribed, and Verbal Link. Ask the following questions when searching for the best audio transcription options online.

What transcription service offers extras?

GMR Transcription is relatively expensive because it offers a wider range of services than other similar services. All transcriptionists are human, and GMR Transcription offers a guarantee of 99% accuracy. They also promise data security and boast customers like McDonald's, Amazon, Morgan Stanley and ADP. GMR is marketed to students, writers, businesses and even government institutions. 

Which transcription service is the most innovative?

Sonix also has a great Web editor, so clients can edit the way they want. But Sonix also offers other features, like embeddable transcripts and multiple collaborative roles. It is an automated service so it is very fast, but what it gains in speed it tends to lose in accuracy. Cheaper options may be able to produce better results, especially on the more complex jobs. Hopefully it will adapt, because its innovative features are wonderful and can't be found in other similar services. 

What is the most highly recommended transcription service and why?

Rev is a highly accurate transcription service that has all the advantages and few disadvantages. Editing is easy when users get the transcript back, and turnaround times are quick. Rev is also reasonably priced. The only possible downsides are that there is no subscription model, making users pay by the minute, and the dashboard could use some work.

What is a good service that uses humans to do the work instead of just an automatic speech engine?

GoTranscript hires freelancers to do the transcription work, so the results may seem more accurate in many instances. Unfortunately, there is no built in way to edit the transcripts like in many other services. GoTranscript offers a free trial, but its fees can mount quickly. 

What is a good transcription service that is a mobile app?

Trint Transforming Talk has an excellent online editor, allowing customers to easily make changes to the finished transcripts. It also has fast file processing, where many of the services can take much longer. Because of its format, though, it is probably best used for simple jobs instead of complicated ones. It is also expensive at $15 per hour. 

What are some times speech to text software might need to be used?

Even someone with a casual reason might want a transcript, such as to have the text of a speech or show. Students may use this kind of software for many reasons, including getting transcripts of lectures. Businesses may use this software to easily track memos.

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