Ask This When Buying Storage Facility Software

The use of storage facility software helps owners and managers of storage facilities effortless run the day-to-day aspects of the business. Most programs offer everything from the ability to manage units and take payments, to budgeting tools and business support tools. Having the right software is key to running an effective and efficient storage facility business. However, not all storage facility software programs are the same. Some offer more features, while others have better customer service and support. Before purchasing the software program, it is important to analyze how the business is currently operating and what the needs of the business are. Knowing this will help find the perfect program to run a successful storage facility business, because not having the right software could make things more difficult to effectively work the business. When buying storage facility software, ask the following questions to ensure you get the software that's right for your business. 

How secure is the data?
Find out if the data stored using the software program is safe and secure. This includes keeping your business data secure, as well as the information gathered from tenants. Also, ask about backup data storage and what happens when the system goes down.
What kind of support is available?
After purchasing the software there may be questions about installation or other aspects of the program. It is important to have tech support and customer service easily available to help with all issues that may come up associated with using the storage facility software.
Is there a trial period available to try before buying?
Some storage facility software companies offer a free 30-day trial for business owners to try the program and see if it works for their facility’s needs. Check to see if there is a trial period, if there is a cost for using it and what happens if the business owner is or is not interested in using the software long term.
Are there any monthly fees associated with using the software?
Some storage facility software companies charge a monthly access fee in addition to purchasing the software program. Check to see what fees will be charged (if any) or if the program can be outright purchased without any monthly fees.
Can the software program be accessed remotely or only while on property?
Most storage facility software programs do have remote access. However, not all do. Check to see if the program does offer remote access and inquire about how it can be accessed when not on property.
Can the current data from software be converted to be used with the new software?
Storage facility owners and managers may already be using an older software program. Changing over to a new program, rather than just upgrading, can take time to input all of the information from one program to the other. Some of the newer storage facility software programs make it possible to effortlessly convert the data from the old program to the new one.
What type of credit card processing companies will work with the program?
For facilities that accept credit and debit cards, it is important to know which credit card processing companies will be compatible with the new program. If the company that is currently being used is not compatible, it may be necessary to switch companies or keep looking for the right software that will work.
What type of reports are available through this system?
Different reports may be needed to help operate the storage facilities business. These reports can include how many empty units, how many renters are past due and how much money was earned in a month through rent. Find out which reports are available through the software program and if they can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
Are there auction management features included with the software?
When a storage unit is not paid for, it is then put up for auction by the storage facility in an attempt to recoup some of the lost money from the non-paying tenant. Programs with storage auction features offer tools and reports to help schedule and process units for auction.

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