Ask This When Choosing a Senior Cell Phone Plan

When shopping for a senior cell phone plan, you should take into account many of the same factors that matter when shopping for any other cell phone plan. These include ease of payment, cost, coverage, and the kind of phone that would be best for the person in question. The difference is that some of these factors become even more important when trying to find senior cell phone plans. For example, cost may be more important for seniors who are on fixed incomes, and quality of coverage could be essential for seniors who have medical issues and depend on their phones in cases of emergencies. Also, make sure you get the best deals before signing up for a contract. For example, Consumer Cellular has no contract plans starting at $10/Month with a 30-day guarantee and a 100% risk-free trial. When shopping for senior cell phone plans, consider the following questions.

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Which cellular providers offer the best senior phone plans?

Nationally known cellular providers such as Verizon, T Mobile and AT&T all offer affordable senior phone plans. However, these aren't the only providers in play. In fact, a smaller providers such as Consumer Cellular and TracFone offer plans that are just as cheap, or cheaper, while offering just as many (or more) minutes of talk time. The company offering the best senior phone plan is always changing, but never overlook smaller cellular providers and assume they won't have the best deals.

Are there cheap cell phone plans just for seniors?

Some companies offer cell phone plans recommended specifically to seniors. Be careful to look at other plans as well, and don't expect all of the larger cell phone providers to offer senior discounts. Just because something is marketed to seniors doesn't mean that it's best for all (or any) seniors.

What are the most user-friendly cell phones for senior citizens?

The most usable cell phone for one senior citizen may not be the most usable cell phone for another. Consider the individual. If you're shopping for (or if you are) a tech-savvy, keen-eyed senior, then the newest smartphone may be perfect. If you're shopping for someone who simply wants a cell phone to make phone calls, then be sure to get something simple. You can also ask about phones meant for people who have vision, hearing or coordination problems. Currently, the Jitterbug Flip and Jitterbug Smart 2 are the most user-friendly phones offered by GreatCall. They are available for $99 and $149, respectively.

Which phone service provider will have the best coverage?

The coverage of different phone service providers varies from one area to another. In order to find the one that has the best coverage in your area, call the service providers you're interested in and ask if they service your area. From there, ask friends which phone services they have, and whether they are happy with their services. Remember that while a poor signal may be inconvenient for you, for some seniors it could mean the lack of a lifeline. GreatCall offers one of the largest wireless networks in the country. There are no annual contracts, no cancellation fees, and customer service is 100% US-Based.

Would a senior be comfortable using this cell phone?
There is an increasingly large number of seniors who are tech-savvy and completely comfortable with cell phones. There are also some seniors who have a little more trouble using such technology. If you're a senior who just got a new cell phone and you're not fully comfortable with using it, just go over the basics with a customer service representative, if possible in person at one of their storefront locations (or ask a tech-savvy friend or relative to help you out). If you are helping a senior purchase a cell phone, then you should be able to communicate how to use the cell phone.
Are the cell phone service bills easy to pay?

Ease of payment may be particularly important for a senior citizen, who may have a particular method of paying bills which he or she prefers. Make sure that favored-method is acceptable to the phone service provider in question, whether it's paying online or sending in a check. GreatCall and other cellular network providers make it easy for seniors to pay their bills thanks to automatic payments.

Does this phone plan require a contract?

Seniors in should be careful about entering into phone service contracts before exploring all of their options. While companies like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T all offer affordable senior phone plans, another great options for seniors are prepaid phones for which no contracts are required. For some seniors, contract plans may be the better options, but it's worth researching all options before signing the dotted line.

Does the phone service provider have good customer service?

Once you've narrowed down the best senior cell phone plans from the perspectives of finance and coverage, consider doing some research on which service providers have the best customer service. As mentioned, GreatCall offers excellent customer service with respresentatives all based in the United States.

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