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    Maximize ROI With These Smart Online Investment Tools

    Looking for ways to track and optimize your investments? In 2017, smart investors are leveraging tools and data to ensure maximum return and minimize risk. At a tiny fraction of the cost of expensive investment consultants, new and seasoned investors alike are seeing great returns with these tools. Available online from highly regarded financial firms, anyone who is serious about investing should see what these tools have to offer. We've explored many options and are most pleased with online tools offered by Personal Capital, Scottrade and Vanguard. Are you thinking of trying out one of these robust, helpful tools? If so, read on to learn more about how these top three online investment tools can help.

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    Why should I use the Personal Capital investment tools?

    The Personal Capital tool lets you link all of your online accounts into a single interface -- this includes investments, retirement accounts and more. Then you can track a wide range of metrics including account performance and allocations.

    How does the Personal Capital tool help me plan for the future?

    Personal Capital's tool provides all kinds of calculators that can help to project your savings and investment growth based on your current accounts and contribution levels. It's a great tool for keeping yourself on the right track.

    What does this tool cost?

    The Personal Capital online tool is free. All you need to do is create an account with Personal Capital.

    What makes the Scottrade tool worthwhile?

    Scottrade is an online stock trading platform with a full suite of apps to track your investments. Get streaming stock quotes, buy and sell stocks from your phone and more.

    What is Scottrade Mobile?

    Scottrade Mobile is a mobile app specifically designed for carrying out your banking and investment needs. Available for the iPhone, iPad and Android, this app includes all the functionality you'll find on the full Scottrade website.

    What online tools does Vanguard offer to investors?

    Vanguard offers a wide range of online tools and calculators on its website. Use these free tools to get recommendations for mutual funds, ETFs and more. You can also use Vanguard's tools to compare investment accounts and analyze your portfolio to make better decisions.

    Can Vanguard's tools help me plan ahead?

    Vanguard also offers a number of free calculators and tools to help people project the costs of retiring and paying for college. Each group of tools allows for people to customize their calculations based on personal circumstances.

    Are Vanguard's tools free to use?

    Anyone can use Vanguard's online investment tools. Just visit Vanguard's website and click on the links for each one. There's no need to hold an account with Vanguard.