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Need a backpack for traveling? Good travel backpacks should be multi-functional, light, and durable. After all, you have no idea where you could end up, and who knows what you'll need to bring along the way or what you'll pick up as you're traveling. So, you want a bag that's really functional rather than another burden to carry.  You also don't want to spend an arm and a leg to get it. With that said, read on to learn more about the best travel backpack deals.

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What Would be a Decent Basic Starting Backpack for Travel?

If you're just trying to find a dependable bag really quick for a trip first thing in the morning, then you need to just head to your local REI store or website. Their standard REI Workload Co-Op Backpack ($90) comes chock-full of features such as plenty of pockets, webbing on the outside for holding drink bottles, two zippered compartments for easy separation, and very durable build material for all sorts of conditions. After all, the company is the lead for quality retail outdoor goods and equipment.

What Would be a Step Up Choice from Basic in Travel Backpacks?

For the next level up, but not officially a professional travel bag, then consider North Face. Their Recon Pack ($100), Borealis Pack ($90), and the Surge Pack ($130) are all great choices, simple design, superb functionality, and durable manufacturing. These packs are used regularly by hiking professionals and they work just fine for tourism and long-distance traveling as well in tight corners.

What's a Good All-Around Travel Backpack?

Take a look at the Tortuga Setout ($200). This one gives you the most space for a carry-on bag, with definite front-loading features. It has lots of segments and item compartments, and it has room for a laptop as well. Waist strap is included, and those same straps can be detached and stored, a nice convenience feature when you just want to treat the bag like a briefcase. The one downside is that the zippers aren't entirely climate treated but they are weather-resistant.

Which Backpack Would be Good for Travel and Load Balance?

Another choice is the Osprey Farpoint ($160). Again, front-loading is a great feature with a well-design support for balancing the weight load across your shoulders. A laptop section is a definite component and the shoulder straps can be detached. One bonus feature is the ability to lock the zippers, and the weight of the bag is extremely light. The downside is that the colors for the bag aren't the most wonderful, but consider that a means of finding your bag quickly. However, the Osprey Farpoint also doesn't come with as many compartments as other models.

What's a Good Travel Backpack for Business?

The Nomatic 40L Travel Bag ($240-290) is a terrific option. First, you don't have to worry about your paperwork and items getting wet with the heavy duty weather resistance material on the whole bag. A good amount of accessories can be added, and the Nomatic has a pass-through partition for hooking onto your rolling luggage handle. The bag also works well as a duffel bag style without the backpack straps.

Which Business Backpack Stores Extra Shoes or Materials?

Alternatively, the Aer Travel Pack 2 ($230) comes with a securing waist belt (it is an optional extra not included with the bag) that can be detached for the meeting but great to carry your heavier materials when in transit. The material is tough but the access points are extremely easy for fast grabbing of internals. There is even a section for a pair of shoes, which allows you to switch out when walking distances in a city or train station, saving your good pair for the meeting. The Aer doesn't maximize carry-on space, but it's a pretty good size for what you get.

What's a Good Backpack for Travel Security?

If you want personal security on the road or in airports, particularly from pickpocketing and quick grabs, then take a look at the Pacsafe Venturesafe X40 ($250). This one also comes with easy front-loading and cut-proof webbing in the fabric, so your stuff won't fall out from a quick slash and grab. The bag does come with a rain bag, but it's not waterproof material per se. The security is so solid, however, you may raise a few eyebrows going through airport security.

What is the Ultimate Travel Backpack?

If you're going to go premium all the way and invest in the best, the top choice right now is the Tortuga Outbreaker ($300). This model features so much space, it would probably replace a carry-on suitcase easily. The design is squarish, making it easier to pack, mesh pockets keep various clothing separate, and accessory cubes make it easier to pack tighter in modularized fashion. At least 10 different internal pockets store all your personal items, and the waist belt includes even more quick-access pockets. The split lay-open design makes laptop TSA screening a snap, and the strap load is contoured to your shoulders.

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